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Hello! I'm a digital artist from Hong Kong, situated in Australia, who mainly draws Nintendo and Pokemon things!

Please check out my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comics collaborated with SlyGrovyle. We have a patreon, please check it out here:

You can also find me on deviantART, Furaffinity with the handle Haychel. I am also haychelDA on tumblr and twitter.
First off, thanks to everyone for all the passion and support for the comic. I recently notice a lot of people being very hung up on how Aamon the Espurr is able to affect dark type Pokemon. I would like to quote Bulbapedia "Attacks to which the attacked Pokémon is "immune" (called "ineffective attacks" here) deal 0.5× damage instead of no damage as in the core games." ( We are also telling a story so we will use game mechanics as a reference, but not as a bible, just for your information~
Scene 15 starts!
@OmegaGeguz: Here~
In case you have missed it, the last page was April Fools! We have updated the real page~ :)
YES YES YES April Fools guys, the actual comic page is updated now~ How many of you have been fooled? ;-)
@simple_watcher: No problem, just want to clear things up.
@simple_watcher: The canon part is false. I've stated multiple times that the only canon works for Tales of Elysium are the comic itself, and the illustrated comic series of Sly's.
@PJSam: Happy New Year~
@PJSam: Yes, happy holidays to everyone!
Bigger version!
Scene 12 starts!
End of scene 11!
We've caught up with the SSP site! From this point onward, pages will be uploaded every Tuesday and Saturday! Thanks for your support and we hope you keep enjoying what we have in store~
@VelvetRainbow: Not so much style change. At this point, my previous HDD was fried, so I have to start everything from scratch, thus the difference haha...
@TheKnewWon: No, trob is right, Sly messed up the upload system yesterday. It's all fixed now!
@Flamel: He is using moves, yup! The game mechanic limits Pokemon to only have 4 moves at a time, but we believe that is not very realistic, so Pokemon can use any move from their move pools.

However, stronger or special moves would require prior practice and sometimes they would put a toll on the user. (See Vagus using Hydro Pump before)

Some Pokemon would also have some favorite moves, so in this case, Mycaelis currently favors using Fire Punch and Flame Burst.
@Moderator: Yes, Sly deleted your comments twice, as I have been notified.

This comic is supposed to be teen+ rated, not adult rated. Regardless of whether your linked work is our old work or not, it is clearly suited for a different group of audience.

You apparently did not respect the content ratings and link artwork that is meant to be for adult audience on a PG platform, of course your comments are deleted.
@Koal: His father is actually a Feraligatr, not Nidoking~