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Hello! I'm a digital artist from Hong Kong, situated in Australia, who mainly draws Nintendo and Pokemon things!

Please check out my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comics collaborated with SlyGrovyle. We have a patreon, please check it out here:

You can also find me on deviantART, Furaffinity with the handle Haychel. I am also haychelDA on tumblr and twitter.
We will be taking a break for next week. Thanks for the support and enjoy the holidays!
Posting here again: CrownieVA is doing a dub of the comic and has finished the prologue of V1 already, go check it out and give him some love:
I forgot to post this when I uploaded the page, CrownieVA is doing a dub of the comic and has finished the prologue of V1 already, go check it out and give him some love:
@Pontus: No, I have family matters to attend to on Sunday, but you can join our discord on the main comic page, we can keep in touch there!
@Pontus: Thanks! Only I am based in Melbourne, I don't really go to conventions however, don't have anyone to go with.
I’m out of the country at the moment, there will be a double update next Tuesday!
@Marzipan: Yes, we didn't changed the font until Volume 2 to keep it consistent. It's a font of my handwriting. When the printed version of Volume 1 is completed, all of its font will also be updated to this font.
We're back to normal uploading schedule! Thanks everyone for your patience. Please enjoy V2~
That's all the Q&As for now, going to take a break and work on V2. New pages will be posted on Patreon as soon as they're done!
@Sapphire: You know I can't answer that unless you want to be spoiled for what could or could not happen.

Kareena's eyes never switched color, they have always been piercingly sky blue, like any other purebred Abnormals.
@JoKeR: That makes sense, since I'm upload these Q&As in a chapter before the V2 cover. I guess just bare with it for one more update, since I only have one more Q&A left.
@JoKeR: That's weird, I'm not familiar with Smackjeeves enough to fix it though. :-/
Remember to help us take the Readership Survey if you haven't already thanks~
Readership Survey
Hoi everyone! We are in the talks of printing physical copies of Volume 1! Please help us out and fill in a survey so we can figure out the demand thank you!
Here's the cover to Volume 2. We will be on a short break for public releases to let patreon build up more. We will have some bonus contents coming up meanwhile.

Thank you all for your support all these years and have fun with rereading V1 and the upcoming contents~
That's the end of Volume 1! Let's look forward to V2~
Final page for V1's story. There will be an epilogue, so stay tuned~
First off, thanks to everyone for all the passion and support for the comic. I recently notice a lot of people being very hung up on how Aamon the Espurr is able to affect dark type Pokemon. I would like to quote Bulbapedia "Attacks to which the attacked Pokémon is "immune" (called "ineffective attacks" here) deal 0.5× damage instead of no damage as in the core games." ( We are also telling a story so we will use game mechanics as a reference, but not as a bible, just for your information~