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I'm a college student studying theater and psychology. My interests tend to influence the kinds of characters I make in my stories.

I'm a story-teller and a fan of a lot of genres and one of those jack of all trade sort of people (with the exception that computers hate me).
You came back! This makes me happy. Now maybe I should start updating mine again... >_>
I know the count looks a bit off, but that's because I upload some pages of fanart. By the numbering I use when drawing and scripting, this is my one hundredth page for the comic. It's been a long time in coming and so much of the plot still has yet to happen. Why do my chapters keep getting longer and longer? X_x

The names go from left to right. Most of them should be clear, except maybe Lane and West. Lane is the one missing an arm. It's his dragon thing on top of TJ's head. When in doubt, check the cast page. They are all in there now.
Heh. That's the first time I got to draw the scamp for the comic. Lane's power is so adorable. He's also one of the ones who appreciates TJ the most, though their abilities are both too odd to be a team of just the two of them.

Also, that dragon is made of metal. Imagine someone tossing a cannon ball at your face and that's why TJ is annoyed. Summer is just a bit terrified and confused and staying out of the way.
The second to last panel is the best I have drawn TJ in a long time. Partly because he's looking like his old self. There are reasons that people who know what TJ is capable of don't always trust him.

On a side note, I hate scanning. It's the part of the whole process I get the most hung up on. The scanner I have is old and rattles like a dying man. And my computer doesn't make it better. I hit the wrong button after scanning and before saving, the computer decides to hibernate, and well, that is the same as crashing for my laptop.

I don't want to sleep. I don't want to go to school in a few hours. I want to keep drawing and being happy and not think about stupid tests and papers and smile and look nice and bike.

I'll stop whining now.
I'm not going to make excuses. I'm feeling bad, possibly a vitamin deficiency, and sleeping too much, but this has been done for weeks and I just didn't scan and edit it. I had time and everything. I'm terrible at this.
Today is the start of the next semester. As such, my nerves are shot again. Someday, I will learn to manage stress properly. Denial and deliberate obliviousness get me only so far, but at least it allows me to have some fun.

On the comic subject, TJ really is not good with people hitting on him. It doesn't really happen often, but Summer doesn't know his reputation.
Summer did get the clothes from TJ. He tends to be the one who manages the clothing and fabric stores for the Rebels in this area and is one of their best sewers so he gets laundry and mending duty a lot.
My art looks so rough lately, but at least I'm drawing. This is just a cute scene of TJ explaining Blockie dining to Summer since TJ is on dinner duty (the joys of still being technically on the injured list, though that doesn't stop him from mistreating his healing arm).

Also, someone found Summer some warmer clothes before he froze to death. Caves tend to be in the 50s. Blockies are used to that, but Summer is a surface-dweller (he's in an odd category for the main cast).
Here's the next page, finally. This was drawn months ago and then forgotten. I've started to draw the next sequence as well now. My laziness knows no bounds.

There's some interesting commentary on Vampyr politics here. Gotta feel sorry for those two being caught in the middle of it all.
Happy Holidays
Alright... It's been 8 months since I last updated and it's mostly because life has been kicking my butt. I graduated college, moved across the country (literally), and started graduate school for my doctorate. I'm still horrendously busy, have a few other projects eating free times in the wings, and know I'm prone to failing on my update schedule.

That said, I'm going to start updating again, once a week, on mondays.
Ahhh... Oh and his snarky sulky teenaged ways. He does amuse me so. There is so much that can be learned from this page in how they are interacting and with whom, a lot of which you don't get to learn why it's important until way later.

I get to appreciate Megami's skill with storytelling and what she manages to convey and hint at in each panel the first time. The rest of you will get to appreciate it later. Also, I love my Morgaines.

They're mine, I tell you. >_>
Zee looks like he has strawberry jam on his face. Mm, mm, delicious.

And all those sexy corpses. Zee really needed a better upbringing. Too much childhood trauma is bad for you.
I know this is late. In some ways, that's just as well. I was working on another art project that distracted me from editing and posting this page but I learned some things from that project that I applied to this page when I cleaned it up.

I don't know if you can even tell what I did differently or whether it makes a big difference to most of you, but I'm happier. C'est la vie.
It's really pretty hard to scan and edit a page when your computer crashes at random intervals. Anywhere from the first screen of bootup to several hours after I turn it on, with no way to tell which it'll be. I've been having to save a lot and reboot.

But here it is, even if a bit subpar and Caspar is being angsty. Enjoy
Caspar actually showing emotion, even if he still sucks at talking. It's a good thing Irion has been friends with him long enough to know how to fill in the gaps. Also note how "friend" is singular. Caspar has always been bad with people, even as a Blockie.

Irion isn't too pissed off since it was just a sleep spell, but things were going well for a change before Caspar arrived.
I know this is not friday. It didn't feel right to post on Good Friday. So, here it is a day early. Take that as you will.
LIES. Tell yourself what you need to, Irion. We both know better.

Run, Shawn. Run far, run fast, even if he is rather smexy.
This was supposed to be edited and posted yesterday. A nasty migraine ruined that. I'm sorry. Anyway, I figured I would post it now rather than wait until Wednesday, even if it is late. If anything looks odd, blame the lingering headache, shaky hands, and lack of food.

Also, this is what really makes Shawn special as far as humans go. Not the usual answer.
This took a while to finish, both for me to draw it and Megami to color it. I was a bit crazy when I decided to have that many named characters in one picture. Everyone in the back row is a Rebel with unusual abilities. No, we haven't met all of them.

Also, the Vampyr are a bit creepier than I thought they would be once colored.

And no, this is not an April Fool's joke. I'm just trying to post before I get too lazy again.
I didn't use a reference. Most of my pages I draw during class after all, and I'm not often in the mood to stare at people in creepy manners. While in class at least. I just freehanded it and had it come out well.