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Hello, how are the wife and kids?
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Dang it.
I want this on a T-shirt.
The PUNishment!

Ahhhh, I suck!
...That line on left is a cock muggler.
I dig this, yo!
And man, I miss them Invaders who what came from space.
I did the lines free hand, with the pen tool in about thirty minutes.
Duuurrr, Duuuurrrr!
. . .My butt hurts and its covered in sticky stuff!
Dooby Dooby, pleas don't kill me
Glergha! Glergha! Aghhkkggha! Achggsa Glergha! *Kick-tickty!* Stop choking meh Jebus!

Technically, that guy he brought back from that time in the cave is first one. . .But who cares? All praise the holy space undead lizard messiah, for he tastes like fudge and smells like rainbows!
Here's a card I made for my dad.
Well. . .
I drew this about. . .A year, year and half ago?

I found it in a box while I was cleaning my room (CALL THE MEDIA! ! !)
I decided to to try a new PS coloring tectonic I got from someone's over at DA.

I'll you about it later, when I don't need up load a bunch of comics. . .

@ granmastern
Ha ha. . .Witty :D

*Most. . . Resist. . . This. . . is. . . Something. . .Jjjjooookkkee. . .Aaaaaakkkkkhhhhh*
Prof. Oak is under stocked. . .

Is there* only Like three kids. . .A year? that want to become Pokemon trainers?
Isn't pokemon trainer the main goal of of 90% of populace?
In fact, isn't PT the only base of economic structure in the whole world?
Since all businesses cater to PTs...

I love this comic, yo!

*Is that spelled right?*
Huh. . .
That part always bothered me. I mean what kind of parent would let their kid go off to a land of creatures with the powers of Roman Pantheon. . .
Oh shit. . .
I remember the first time picture. . .Now I feel old and poo-y.
I want six fingers yo!
I been to ask you something. What programs do you use to make these comics?
. . .ZZzz. . .Huh?
Hey what do you know, a NEW comic...
It's all baby~
(Said in Isaac Hayes-y type voice)

That's what I look in my web-comics, yo.
Hee hee
This page makes me giddy!
. . .
My heart just exploded. . .
I love this comic!
I'm really digging the style. Its super colorful and fucked up as all Hell, which makes happy for some reason.

PS; Some of the more bloody pages remind me of hallucinations I had after an allergic reaction from ingesting some blue Chemical dye number bluh bluh in some cold or Headache medicine.
Yo ma!
. . .Looooonnnnnnnggggg time no see, huh?