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Continuing to love the color scheme here, it makes the monster really stand out! Also, new banner looks killer.
Hero continues to be the actual cutest thing
I want to know the story of mister prism-in-a-trenchcoat there in the back...
This is super cute! I love the idea of her having to fight a big evil snake as a ladybug, it's very intriguing!

(Also, I read your profile: SAGA, HECK YES)
This is just such a cool idea! Also the vibrant colors are just perfect - this would *definitely* be like the most overstimulating place in the universe.
December 24th, 2015
Aww, this is cute as heck. Happy holidays!
UM OK SO Hero in panel 4 might be the actual cutest thing I've ever seen
December 18th, 2015
Great use of effects and color on this page, I'm excited to see more! (Also, a fellow Namesake fan! Yesss!)
Maria just slays me in every panel she appears in, gosh