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@biffboff: Ah you're totally right! xD Forgot that little detail momentarily! Hyperactive bunny and a big serious predatory cat x)
@biffboff: If you don't mind fanart I'd love to draw her as a big cat and maybe Tara as a bouncy puppy or something xD
So Feral in the best way!
Soldier(not giving away actual name should someone come here without reading the first part: seriously, an amazing read so don't skip it!) reminds me of an animal but not in any negative sense. Most people mean a mindless person or someone uncivilized (her manners could use a little work in places, but she can hold a half arsed conversation). I mean that she has drive, instincts, and a heck of an upbringing where mother and child compete for resources. It's not hard to envision a big cat on the Savannah or any predator wandering the bush with that description. She's beyond human alright, she's queen of all that she explores and conquers both literally and metaphorically. She's possibly the most badass character I've read in ages!

Thank you for creating her and her story!
January 10th, 2016
I'm so thankful for my parents right now...
I'm not ace, but I understand that the ace community faces plenty of challenges socially and personally both similar and different from other sexualities.

I've recently realized that I'm demisexual-panromantic which is fine, but in my younger years, when boys were immature and hard to relate to and therefore bond with. So I was only feeling sexual attraction to a few of the girls that I knew. So I eventually talked to my mom, nervous as I was I said I was bi despite feeling like I was possibly gay. My mom, being a mom, seemed to sense what I really meant and replied, "I'll admit, I don't really approve for religious reasons, but you are my kid and I'll love you no matter what. I'll love any partner you have that treats you right. And I do want grandkids so at least consider adopting, okay?" That conversation managed to repair a big rift in our relationship. And I have since had many relationships both sexual and non but mostly non which many did find strange in a world where people assume if you date someone for more than a day you've had sex.

Anyway, I don't mean to make this about me or down play your struggles as ace. My point was there's parents and people who understand and don't care. If your family doesn't ever understand or approve, then find out build a "family" that will. There's plenty of reasonable and understanding people out there.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us! This wonderfully well written and well drawn!