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Heyo watermelons! I'm Sora, I'm just another (insert sleep mode) guy who wants to be an artist/ animator or even both. Call me the son of Max Caulfield (and Chloe Price) if I love photography that much. I'm a My Hero Academia/ Fairy Tail fan including all sorts of other anime. Listens to a mashed up pile of genres and bands from Fall Out Boy to Owl City *noms a fruit basket* Also I battle against my hyperactive brain to get some sleep lmao

So basically an digital artist and a photographer that wants to learn animation. I'm the creator of Search On; a fan-made non-profited Pokemon comic.

I also want to make it one of my personal goals to overcome my social awkwardness and social anxiety, so if you want to chat sometime go ahead ^^
Well, no worries this is just family friendly game where the protagonists save the day!
:D it? Well?...oh it's that kind of story...okay. Right...
Apple is just amazing
Necklace of plot thickening!
Holy rainbow flipping heck that is candy that meets the as art that is created fresh off the purest farm. It's just beautiful.
Aww, boss Kitty is embarrassed. X3
These two XD
They are amazing
That sudden pacing must've felt hard to deal with. I imagine what everyone in that room must be feeling.
Serious Dusk??? The plot continues to thicken.
Aww! They're sleeping together X3
Such a cute pile of beans.
I'm terrified for what is to come.
Tess finally pulling the strings?
*sits down with popcorn*
Now that you mention it, using only your first name does make it harder to believe.
@Midnight-fox18: If you say this is shit, then it's the most beautiful shit I've seen. The emotion of shit is on point. And that new shading style you call shit. I call it shittaculously beautiful. I'm shittangly shitastically shittingly shittimazed! Don't shittoubt yourself Mid. This is shiteautiful. I shitove it.
@WildfireK: If you want to take a break from drawing art you can. Sometimes things turn up for the better if you give it a little rest since there is a long way to go.
Omae wa no borkdaru
My imagination:
(Claude: Jake Senpai! Allow me to be of service!)