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Heyo watermelons! I'm Sparky, I'm just another (insert sleep mode) guy who wants to be an artist/ animator or even both. Call me the son of Max Caulfield (and Chloe Price) if I love photography that much. I'm a My Hero Academia/ Fairy Tail fan including all sorts of other anime. Listens to a mashed up pile of genres and bands from Fall Out Boy to Owl City *noms a fruit basket* Also I battle against my hyperactive brain to get some sleep lmao

So basically an digital artist and a photographer that wants to learn animation. I'm the creator of Search On; a fan-made non-profited Pokemon comic.

I also want to make it one of my personal goals to overcome my social awkwardness and social anxiety, so if you want to chat sometime go ahead ^^
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    Naptime plz, names later.
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"Miku barely even knows how to fight"
LOOK AT HER EYES BRO, she's about to straight up murder him XD
Oh god Darkrai you just keep getting more and more adorable X3
No worries Silver, get well soon. ^^
This feels so heartfelt, it gives me the euphoric adventure vibes!
Thank you Wifi! ^^
They seem to be keeping an awfully close eye on us.
Finally its out!
Okay school is bogging me down, but that's not gonna stop me!
*tears up* it' UWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- what the hecc are you plotting with those Lenny tears Light?
That's so adorable! Yays for pan pans
Atleast the lad has more hands to go around.
Much relatable to Genger right now. Couldn't sleep for 2 days.
The shinies have arrived!
That's great Kit, atleast school's out and best wishes to your recovery!
@Midnight-fox18: Sometimes we may or may not know what's ahead. But we really don't know what's completely up ahead. Sometimes I can get scared too. But we have eachother. It's alright Mid, we're here to help as best as we can. And...even if we fail and keep trying, it's more better than completely giving up on everything. I know sometimes it feels as if one minute you're on top of the world and the next one at rock bottom. We all have those times. And if it means cheering you up again and again until you feel better. Then I'll stay by your side. We all will. Thanks for being a great friend Mid ^^
We love you

Cool art thingy by the way.
The small child I want to hug him. X3
@Midnight-fox18: whoops I forgot to change the names XD
The fishplant swimming in it's natural habitat
Aww they're so cut- *nom*
Hey don't eat him.
Because he doesn't want to get hurt XD
But it also seems that maybe he's gaining his quick senses. His brain healing really is progressing.
Oh hello Toby! Did you come to steal any hats? XD