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Heyo watermelons! I'm Sparky, I'm just another (insert sleep mode) guy who wants to be an artist/ animator or even both. Call me the son of Max Caulfield (and Chloe Price) if I love photography that much. I'm a My Hero Academia/ Fairy Tail fan including all sorts of other anime. Listens to a mashed up pile of genres and bands from Fall Out Boy to Owl City *noms a fruit basket* Also I battle against my hyperactive brain to get some sleep lmao

So basically an digital artist and a photographer that wants to learn animation. I'm the creator of Search On; a fan-made non-profited Pokemon comic.
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NANI?! OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU! *Jake eats entire plate in seconds*
Topaz you don't trust strangers...
Take your time Silver, answering comments is no rush, you're good ^^
On a side note, while everyone is focused on that very suspecting infernape I'm too focused on the detail put into the jam and apples. It reminded me so much of Food Wars.
Finally introducing specs that's awesome!
Is it just me or did Josie just get a whole lot more cooler?
@Silver Eevee: A plant eating non-vegan burgers. The world is evolving...
Aww, I hope you get well soon Silver!
I can tell STLE's reboot is gonna be more amazing! Not to mention the digital art style!
Good luck on creating the 1st chapter!
@ShadowStalker1128: Introducing Siren Simuator! A game where you have to answer questions when you ask questions.
Aww, it fell. Have some muffins mister draggo :D *holds a tray of freshly baked muffins*
the right one? well why not frien- *shot*
I love the texture of those rocks :o
so detailed
This purloin is shining brighter than the stars. Stars Shine Bright more like Stars Shine Dimmer. Also real smooth.
Magical Emo Riceballs
I love the detail of the clouds and the intricate design and shading of the building!
Heccin sea doggos and their red potatoes
@Midnight-fox18: Hey Mid, you can come talk with me or anyone else if you like. Whatever you need just say the word. ^^

Also I remember this song :o
(One of the few songs that I fully memorized)
*is up 6am*
Me: *realizes what he is seeing* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH this is just so so SO CUTE! *blows up into confetti*
*wrong* amazing promo! I love the style of painted texture!
*back to dedness*
You forgot that you forgot lmao