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Heyo watermelons! I'm Sparky, I'm just another (insert sleep mode) guy who wants to be an artist/ animator or even both. Call me the son of Max Caulfield (and Chloe Price) if I love photography that much. I'm a My Hero Academia/ Fairy Tail fan including all sorts of other anime. Listens to a mashed up pile of genres and bands from Fall Out Boy to Owl City *noms a fruit basket* Also I battle against my hyperactive brain to get some sleep lmao

So basically an digital artist and a photographer, that wants to learn animation. I'm the creator of some upcoming comics *Will change the description after it's uploaded*
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Can I request you a photographer eevee?
quadrupled or bipedal your choice
Bridge of "Invention"
If this comic holds a greater significance to inventions I am hyped!
A little ellipsis for something to happen afterwards lol
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
It must be hard to find someone to send off to the Pokemon world.
Now watch your mouth Taami, listen to Mama Dragco.
They dabbed lol
I'm with Zenith
This looks amazing Rin! I am hyped and ready for whatever comes out! Btw I love the glow of the text and the fur colors!
What if she is carrying ketchup behind her hair? (I'm kidding lol)
Heckin fire fox does an airplane delievery tp psyhic doggo
You got a Zorua and a Mew so where is the Ditto?
That is an amazing Shinxie. Cute and I love this new color palette. X3
That's a lot of sky ships, why not build an airline? Lol
These sketches are so cute and oml so amazing.
Good luck getting back on schedule Wiisp! :D
Amazing song!
it's okay *hugs* ^_^
I'm still trying to gain my confidence and self-esteem so yeah.
What happened to Flare being infected?
You can draw better than me with crayons lol

I brought my Surface Pro into a restaurant once to play around with Medibang and had to charge it to an outlet that was like 4ft above me.
Rayquaza: Imma end this war *fites*
Yvelta: oops I'm powerless *turns into cocoon*

I love the style of both digital effects and traditional art combined!