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Hi! I'm Sora! I'm an artist and a voice actor. While my dream job is to be a professional voice actor I want to make as much art as I can for fun! I also run Search On. I love Megaman Battle Network, Inazuma Eleven, and Yokai Watch. I want to start over and do my best to become better!

Profile Picture by FrostedVulpix
Volt about to lay it down on some deranged dorito worshippers. :O
Hecking wow that's a lot of hecking time and hecking effort you did!
Feeling sick? Just punch it!
September 9th, 2019
I'd be grossed out as Plucky knowing I had a similar experience before with accidentally stepping on a bug.
September 4th, 2019
September 3rd, 2019
Make a run for it!
Woah I am hyped!
Giant bird, dangerous pink grass, zombie fish friend, and now an all seeing eye. Pandora definitely wants to go home.
Uh oh it's gonna get really good.
The bet is over Haruki pay up.
A soccer game at match point already. Let's see what's gonna happen.
The adrenaline I'm getting from this situation is intense.
Go away Sandalit, shoo shoo, no more questions.
Game Over...
And there's no restart button.
Don't fall asleep in school kids, you'll miss notes on dealing with zombie fish children.
Layani is definitely me most of the time.
I feel so stretched ughhhhh
I had to redo this because whoops me I decided to draw all the lines in one layer and make things harder.