Heya! I'm a kid walking down my path to be an artist/ animator. Other than that, I like singing, dancing, partying, traveling, and watching anime.

Inspirations: RymNotrim and VexxBlack
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    Shaun but call me Sparky
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Oh god, so thankful you're alive!
@HarrisonButterGem: The Bee Movie fixed the bullet holes in my heart. Lost in a mental state of darkness, I rose up, and came anew back and better...
ahoi back to you
And as the Espy continues to stare at the sleeping Pika, she wakes him up bringing him under her spell. As soon as he under the Espy's trance notice the gesture in his eyes, the Espy wins the hunt and displayed herself as Queen.

Next time on Smackjeeves Shipographic...We discover the further events of an EspyDoom meeting. What other mysteries does this hold...
@EeveeEon Stay strong Eon, you'll get through this, TEA will be greatly remembered even as you depart. I know you don't want sympathy, but here's a thanks for being a great inspiration and a friend. The times everybody was together, the streams you set up, the creations you've made, it was amazing.

Hey, good luck out there, you got a bunch of friends and fans cheering you on for you to find what you are looking for. Spirit, adventure, motivation, happiness, help, I don't know what you wish to find but it's out there, you can find it no doubt about it.
I don'the know if your really gonna come back to TEA or move on, but best wishes!
Avenge the pizza!
This is so sad ;-;
she shielded her son and now she's gone
The start of the first chapter, let's see what's about to go down.
This is the mark!
...yeah, I've been inactive for long time ^^:
I even lost count of when I started this comic.

Well, since winter break is rolling in, this comic will get going on its way! Also, I decided to make some new changes to my comic since I didn't like the idea I started with.

Anyways, now that this has started! This will be the mark, to see a brand new story!
A Ship on a ship
This looks absolutely bootiful and amazing.
You and your friend did an awesome job on this!
I love the part where I'm being tackled by Espy X3
This looks bootiful, thanks!
Oh hey, there's Esparky. DoomEon, a badass Eon needs a cuddly Doom.
Poor Zorren, separated by the ships between them. I just thought of a great movie. "The Ships Between Us"
Very bootiful, for happy for doge and swordal.
(All I can think about is the gimme gimme gimme meme)
Such anime :3
Awww,so kawaii and beautiful X3
Evne though I know this is possibly you Zorri, kawaii ship art.
That was bootiful Rainbow, I almost teared a bit. Great job btw!
Don't post artwork that isn't yours. Second of all I know you said this isn't yours but you need to ask the original artist for permission and credit him or her before even posting copyrighted artwork.