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hi. i'm back. I've been working on a new comic called Zeta. I know it's been a long time coming, but I felt like uploading it here in the hopes of reconnecting with the group, if there's anyone left.
This is a mudbox 3d sculpture for a game character. The character is from a race known as the herring , which is a uniform and homogenous race.
Me an my friend did a live action 3d animation ad for a film competition. Heres the link to the clip that's on youtube.

note: It's not the final version .I'm not allowed to put that up actually.
Finally it's done . You can check out the 3d turntable at youtube. It's with lighting .

link :
Have been busy with doing 3d models during my free time . I think I'll stop 2d drawings quite soon.
Sorry for not putting comics instead. I've been busy with school stuff. Here's a so-called photo of Robin when she was enlisted in the army. She's the one with the M-16.
Took weeks to get the topology correct and since it was the holidays i couldn't be bothered to rush. It's still not finished since theres the hair, U.V. ,skinning and rigging to do.
Failed for this assignment but thought of sharing it online.
Originally did this on a piece of scrap paper ... so I had to make some edits. This is another study of robin
Quick sketch done around 5-10 mins. Did this to test drapery since i've been doing badly at school.

@Masterweaver: thx for adding robin inside.
@ everyone else:Wow you posted so fast. I might be busy as i'm working on schoolwork.
Finally finished posting everything ... I ran into some problems while uploading the comics so I'm sorry if anyone of you got caught in the mess .

Hope you enjoyed reading.
Decided to doodle while i was at Long john silver's with my friend.
So here are the comics (as promised) I'll post the second half soon. Enjoy.
Good news everyone!! I've got 10 pages worth of craptacular comics ready ( if that's okay with everyone ). I've been working these past few nights thinking of a plot and constructing the expository.For now , here's a sketch of star. I've been meaning to do a fanart for star so here it is .
Maze i did sometime ago. It's solvable.
name :Robin
age: 14
listens to :Marilyn manson, the prodigy, rob zombie... anything that sounds loud
behaviour:Rough, blunt, reckless
bio: raised by church folks and terrorists at the same time. She ( yes she's a girl) was supposed set off for a suicide bombing mission but her detonator malfunctioned. Now without a purpose for living, she roams freely. Will get along fine with others.
Likes: to blow things up, mudfights, scribbling anything
dislikes: dresses, cute things, hardcore christians screaming and dancing wildly during sessions.
Don't worry, he's not gonna wave it around. He doesn't even know what it is. Anyone like to continue?
Wow that's cute. I'm not usually into cutey things but that was awesome.
End of intro.
Actually I forgot to write an bio on him .I think i'll do that later once i get a second full portrait of hime.
Sam beik is from another universe, many years from today.