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I like trombones...alot!
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Episode 2: Page 26 Commentary
I see where the hiatus has thrown me off a bit, I've had a bit of trouble with continuity but provided I don't slack off again it shouldn't be a problem later on.
Episode 2: Cover Commentary
Not much to say really, it's good to be back...updates are weekly for now.
(So be feel free to check back every Monday.)
@supercomputer276: First of all sorry for taking so long to reply. I've checked this site on various computers and didn't come across that problem. Send me a screenshot, and I'll see what I can do.

@Real: They are from RPGmaker2k3/XP, most were edited by myself.
Episode 2: Splash Commentary
What was once the teaser image I made, I'm still trying to decide what to do with Splash Pages.
Likely they'll become non cannon explanational thingys, to help convey the world of Twilight Key.
Episode 2: Cover Commentary
Cover for Episode 2, enjoy!
(The updates resume next monday, yay!)
Episode 1: Page 24 Commentary
Thanks to the last panel I realized I'd have to edit a few pages. (20 and 21)
This is the last page of Episode 1, yay.

At the start of Episode 2, the I'll have those vote incentives up, so don't forget to vote!
Episode 1: Page 23 Commentary
No comment...
Episode 1: Page 22 Commentary
The 6th panel was the hardest, I had to make a whole different background and only a little bit of it is shown.
The artwork is interesting, I like your style man. Fav'd
Thanks, brah.
Episode 1: Page 21 Commentary
One of my favorite pages so far.
I'll definitely do what I can to add more pixel art, particularly for more action scenes.
Episode 1: Page 20 Commentary
This came along awkwardly, in my opinion. I wanted it maintain a cinematic feel.
Thanks, yo.
Episode 1: Page 19 Commentary
Sorry folks, this was supposed to be online yesterday, but my stupid sibling kept hogging the comp.
I need a laptop.
Episode 1: Page 18 Commentary
Here's the new comic, I've been slacking off very badly lately. TK will now update Mondays, Wednsdays, and Fridays. Vote incentives start again on January 1st.
I appreciate that, thanks.
Episode 1: Page 17 Commentary
I liked how I pulled this off, but I hate having to use so many light effects. Feels like it subtracts from the whole sprite theme. If anything I will likely change the 5th panel.
Episode 1: Page 16 Commentary
This is slightly different from the script.
Episode 1: Page 15 Commentary
No comment.