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Busy busy busy busy
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Sorry for short update :(
Hey! So sorry about the short update. I've been super busy, since preliminary exams has showed its ugly face :/ That, and I was still getting used to the comics new look and the vertical scrolling thing :P
Jesus Christ. This is so good actually lol I wasn't expecting this. this is hilarious!
Oh my God. This is unironically hilarious.
@littaly: Aww, that's super sweet :) Thank you so much!
Kind of awkward...
HEY! Haha... Kind of awkward... but I maaaaaay have changed the boss a bit in like... the eighth page. Kinda changed her character to match her work environment and definitely not because I like chubby women... :| *cough*
Douglas is a little clumsy, ain't he?
@artofjoe: Thanks, man. Hopefully we will meet again. I'd be down to help you on projects as well. I'll be checkin' out your profile for some reads if you're still makin' comics :) Peace
Douglas finds a cat that has magical powers and burdens him to turn her into a human again.

Along the way, lots of stuff happens.
Will be trying to upload each page either weekly or bi-weekly on Saturdays @ 10 AM Pacific Time (PST)!
@Ian Evans: Oh wow ^^ thank you!~
@TheJGamer: XD Simon is just a cuck right now, he'll get cooler... maybe, i don't know :|
Hey hey!
I'm trying some different things with the comic. I'm going to try to impliment more painting shit in the comic's background, it looks secksi. I'm also planning on making the chapter's title be some sort of quote that happens within the chapter, i dunno, i just thought it'd be coolio.
Simon is such a fucking cuck
Thanks everyone!
Thanks to the peeps who let me know about the typo and the double post o.o' I have no idea how i let the two slip. So sorry x.x Thanks again :>
Sorry for the delay desu :( I was busy with life and everything, mainly looking up the next eroge i should purchase...
@artofjoe: They might, i dunno :P
@TheJGamer: Yeah, Simon is kind of a donk :)
@TheJGamer: This comic isn't as good as Dragon Ball xDD
@artofjoe: Yeah lol i probably didn't convey it clear :/