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@DeltaTheUmbreon: xD sorry. I just had to
The cat wakes up. Yup.

So sorry that it took so long to update! I've been really busy IRL. Seriously, it's been hectic. Hope to start regularly making updates, but not weekly, that's not enough for me to write a chapter, let alone storyboard an entire chapter. Thanks for your patience! :D
I'm lovin' this so far! The artstyle and the characters are sex to my eyes.

Just wanna let you know, though, that there's a typo within the last panel.
Rebecca catches a Phone Creature in her app game while dressed as a Pink Ball with Stubs for Arms character. Douglas and Rebecca catch each other's eyes, but probably go blind because it's purple outside.

(Not really sure if I like the background I did here, but eh, what can ya' do? I'll just make sure that the next update doesn't have a background that looks like that. Or maybe I will, who knows, really. It'd make it easier to draw things in Cloud Nine :P Or maybe I should blur the backgrounds like other webcomics do? Not sure.)
A sheep in wolf's clothing?
Umf. That sexy, sexy art. Umf... Yesss....
Nice choice ;)
I'm wondering what that fleshy thing is on seemingly all the humans in the world. It seems like some sort of 'virus' or something that's eating away at them. Either that or, shit I dunno. Probably shouldn't comment so much, but this world is interesting.
Dawg. I hate to break this to you, but I think Amy isn't the kind of person you wanna be friends with.
"Eloise, Eloise.
You never meant that much to me"

Sorry :p I like that song
Oh. What an interesting view into his backstory. Makes me feel kinda sorry for him. Poor guy. *I shout into the air, 2 miles away from him*
Oh. Was this a flashback to a time before this world became what it was? Interesting.
God, that guy in the last panel. I love him. There's something very dangerous about him. I wouldn't wanna be within 50 ft. of this guy. Couple that with the fact that he's friends with Amy, a girl that i'm convinced is just as harmful as the other monsters in this wasteland, doubles that distance.

<also, ominous was the word I was looking for in a previous comment. Too lazy to find it to fix it = 3=>
So it seems like Amy is a sort of monster that has harmed at least some of the inhabitants of this world? And these four are trying to catch her. Alright.

Very curious about Grandma. I love her <forgot the word that's really important to act as an adjective to this sentence> presence.

Also if I looked like that, I'd probably rather not be fixed XD
I wanna draw NSFW of Layla.
Dammit. The moment I read "hey there, handsome" I imagined the voice of SexualLobster's Randy saying that to Fernando or Gooseman.
from 2019 to 2015
@Time Tame: Oh, these are supposed to follow a cohesive story? I thought this was just a bunch of non-linear narratives existing within this universe. Like a sort of exploration or study of this world and its inhabitants.

I better get a different pair of reading goggles on then.
Hmm, I wonder how his voice would sound like? I imagine him having a very gurgled voice, like he's gargling water.
I know this has already been said, but I'm more than happy to regurgitate old information. The jarring art styles between cute and scary really makes the scary scarier and the cute untrustworthy. Lovin' it.
Woah, holy shit. This somehow reminded me of that weird artstyle, where everone's faces are made up of magazine cut outs of people's faces. Cool shit.