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No one expects the French Revolution!

...or something like that.
I did it!
Whew! All that wait, and then, what? A low quality scan with a bunch of drabble on it?

ok, so it's kinda late....
With Claude, the face that could stop 1,000 ships from launching, and a background that is comprised only of a door and a bunch of squiggles.

And the plot thickens! We'll be able to make a decent sauce out of it yet! (You'll have to bring your own side dish.)
It does?
Not in my universe!

And really, stick figures look anorexic, and that's not the message I want to be sending.
I am so sorry that this is all I could knock out. I was over the time limit as it was, and was racing dear Chel to the finish line. It was a rough race, let me tell you. Both of us sustained pretty heave injuries as we pushed and shoved our way to being the one to finish the ninth page. Hair was pulled, eyes poked, nasty paper cut sustained on both sides, and I think I may have dislocated my shoulder. Considering we live a couple hundred miles from each other, this was a gosh darn impressive battle.

No. Really. Should have been there.

Anyways, I'll be reposting this page as soon as I get the time too. That will probably be this Friday, after my bio lab project is done and out of my hair. I apologize for the abject crappyness of this page. It will all go away soon. Who knows, I might even have a decent background this time!
Finally posted this...
...and I can't wait to see where this goes. Sorry for the late post. My teachers wouldn't (I don't think) have granted me an extension on midterms or projects if I went up and said "I've got a web comic" for some reason...
I think I'm starting to kinda get the hang of inking things in. It bothered me that in 1.5 all my detail got lost between the page and the scanner, but I got most of it in this time.
Rock on! Chel! Chel! We have a fan!

I sound excitable, don't I?
right, so...
Ok, Chel. Here's what's up with the turle. I was wandering around the comic page ether when this turtle came up to me. He looked at me. I looked back. I said, "look, Vi's got a full house as it is. She's busy. There's going to be plot."
The turtle kept on looking.
"No, really. You won't be comfortable. "
The turtle managed to look hurt, lost and alone.
What would you have done?

So now there's a turle. 'Cause I'm a sucker for big helpless eyes or reptiles.
So, here we are!
Um, yeah. First day, three updates. Not bad until you realize that this had been in the works a few weeks. Just a note on how this will work - Once a comic page has been posted, the other author has one week to post again, otherwise it's a race! It may come down to seconds, and it will be pretty intense. Kinda, anyways. I mean, both of us have classes to consider. (No, really, we actually do consider them.)

And we're off! ChelonianBlue, it's all you now! You have one week to complete your mission.