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@YukixKaname1: he actually likes it and wants some, sorry to have made it confusing xD
@YaoiGirl09: hahah actually he WANTS fish as he was raised with sea fae and ate a lot of that before :D but I see how that detail could have been confusing without words xD

I'm not a fan of fish either though, I like baked trout and smoked mackrel and tuna with mayo, and that's about it, all the rest is ew :D
Re-uploaded because of the wrong file ^^'
@Srushed: Oh wow, thank you :D I'm happy you like it despite the art!
@Auldr: Thank you! I'm glad you do and I will sure deliver more ^^
@YaoiGirl09: He has issues ^^'
I promised and I'm delivering! Like a respectable and responsible person I am trying to pretend that I am ;)

Thank you all for waiting, I am really glad I have such amazing readers! Love you guys :)

As you can see the coloring changed a bit.. I'm still figuring it out to make it the most fitting for me and the comic so bear with me for a couple of pages ^^'
@Lovemarsh: Sometimes being funny is really hard ;)
November 2nd, 2017
Well I know for sure he's one thing beginning with letter A.... freaking ADORABLE :D <3
November 2nd, 2017
I confused latest page of Scars with this comic and thought "wow, that went fast" ;)
@Sanluris: I am the oldest child so I didn't really have anyone to share with at that age :) But my younger brothers were really funny. They used to fight over every toy so they had to always have two of them. The best time was when they got seemingly identical toy cars, and one happened to have a button blue and the other one red, and neither wanted the red buttoned one, so my dad had to take both cars and repaint the buttons to be exact shade of blue and then the fights stopped x)
@Sanluris: Haha that's kinda truth, all kids kinga turn into little demons when making drama like this :D
@Sanluris: Stories have wonderful way of turning beautiful and peaceful places into center of chaos :D
June 4th, 2017
@Travelingpooch: Hahahah that avatar :D
June 2nd, 2017
They're so awkward, it's impossible not to love them xD
May 24th, 2017
She's so horrible, I love it xD
Poor Mel, so much confusion xD

Guys, you need to get to it finally... People around are talking already, they could at least talk the real happening thing! ;D
May 19th, 2017
Good grief girl! Have some tact xDD
I love Wes, he's totally perfect :D
Shhhh Dragosh, you clearly did well yesterday if Ivo's up for seconds :D
March 30th, 2017
Okay, I'm melting here :D