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@dgoluver199990: Oh my, I need to remember not to eat your food then :D
@Riaya: Yeah you're very right. Unfortunately, kids often take such things as their personal misdoings, even if it's adults who actually failed them.
I managed another page, really proud of myself. Won't promise that gets stable now though ^^'
Wow this update took long to get here ^^' But between me looking for jobs, finding one (that is unpaid for now to add to it >__>), World Cup and other stuff going on I really had hard time to get this thing done, but fortunately it's here now and I'm two pages away from finishing this chapter ^^"

See you guys next week.. hopefully xD
I feel sorry for Debbie, its hard being the one overlooked.
@Aiyse: Thank you very much ^^ I'm glad of that too, it would be hard to draw with both eyes having poor vision ^^'
So there's some hope for the little prince :)
I'm back :)
My eye healed well, fortunately, so I see things again and was able to finish my page ^^

Huge thank you to everyone for supportive, and caring words <3 ^^
April 26th, 2018
@oscarlgz: That comment made me spill my tea while laughing :D <3
@YaoiGirl09: <^^> He's not a bad kid, just has some emotional issues :)
I'm fine, I'm fine, just a bit of a slip with last weeks page ^^'
This one is a bit longer :)
@YaoiGirl09: Yeah, you dont always see a tiny kid destroying a fighting dummy ^^'
A silent page today ^^'
@Riaya: Aw, thank you ^^
@Jazmin Zombie: I'm hoping that's laughter :D
@Aiyse: Hahah thank you! :D
@Krondor2000: Thank you :D I'm not sure what you meant there, but I'm glad you approve x)
@YaoiGirl09: Hahah thank you :D With April Fools and Easter together, I couldn't not do it xD
April Fools/Easter version of the page