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January 17th, 2018
He seems awfully restrained for a free spirited person. Kind of disturbing considering his upbringing. I guess mommy had to work off her issues on someone <o.o>
You know you're a great family member, when your brother doesn't even know you have a kid :D
@Sky: Thank youuu! <hugs back>
@Mccull61: I hope together they'll come to the conclusion that it would be better if aliens kidnapped evil people ^^ Serial killers, mafia members, drug dealers...there are so many good options!
As someone battling with depression... shit.. not only it feels like the whole world is against me but also aliens? what the hell guys?! XD
@Sarah: They definitely can, the problem is that it's just a part of the issue ^^'
@Sarah: Thank you very much! Actually I did but it's going away now xD Have a great New Year too! <^_^>
@Ralend: Wise words my friend. Why try harder when someone else can do it for you :D
As I said a few pages ago, I am still figuring out the coloring for those pages, so it's quite a big change here, but I do like it at least for now xD

If I stick to it I'll probably recolor old pages sometime in the future ^^'
December 27th, 2017
Now it's awkward? Wait until you get to the same bed xD THEN it will be awkward xD
December 24th, 2017
I'm not bothered by lack of consent here, cause Desrick is a freaking demon. It would be actually weird if it went all the nice and polite way. I don't think anyone ever gave him the talk about how to properly have sex with people _^_ Seducing an angel seems much more in character and believeable. Then again I'm happy Ace actually wants this too, and I'm hoping that they will work things out so their next time is with more mutual respect and when they both know the other wants it too ^^'
Hey hey! Another page is here for you my dear readers :)

It's going to be the last one before the end of the year. I'm taking some time off for holidays, as we elves have pretty lots of work during Christmas (all those presents won't make, wrap and send themselves on their own) ;)

See you on the 6th of January, be well, and have warm, fun, and joyful holidays :D <3
@sstogner1: Haha at least he's not alone :D
We are all proud of your mad parenting skills Roderick ;)
@Jazmin Zombie: I reuploaded it cause it was linked to another comic site. But it was visible for me just fine before so I can't tell if there's any improvement. Tell me if you see it well now and if you have trouble with other pages :)
December 3rd, 2017
You're full of crap Ace :D

Damn the tension xD
The saddest human ever... oh Luca, you haven't seen anything yet ^^'
@yaoiioay: Thank you very much :D I hope you'll like it till the end :D
Early update this week my dear readers! :)

Please vote for my comic on TWC(it needs it after the break)!

And the website and kickstarter for Christmas Eve: The Race to Save Santa, you will find here(website) and here(kickstarter)
Darn, I missed the opportunity to ask you guys how long you think she will last ;)