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I think it works great without dialogue.
July 5th, 2019
@DoodleDapp: That just confirms my alien theory! Those aliens don't even know pizza's name!!
July 5th, 2019
No one ever complains about pizza. What planet did that alien come from? Is it a shapeshifting spy? What happened to real Miko? So many questions...
The speech bubble on the second panel could be a tiny big bigger so the text doesn't sit there
feeling uncomfortably squeezed, but other than that really great page like always x)

Also, poor Droo, so much mindblow xD
@Mikko: Thank you :)
@Ralend: So so much ;D
@Riaya: Yeah, poor thing has lost a lot :[
@claudeb: Thank youuu!
Chapter 3 is starting here :)
Unfortunately, I need to take a break for the next two weeks. I will be visited by a very special person and will have to dedicate my attention to him at the time ;) See you soon!
@YaoiGirl09: The King is never fat. The king has an additional defensive layer xD
And that concludes chapter 2. Boy was that a long bumpy ride xD

Hate to upload a half finished,non shaded page, but with the impossible amount of work I have to get done for my company during this and next week absolutely did not allow me to even do that much but I had to pull it off cause I really want to finish this chapter already and because I just was on hiatus and wasn't looking forward to next one _^_
@dgoluver199990: Oh my, I need to remember not to eat your food then :D
@Riaya: Yeah you're very right. Unfortunately, kids often take such things as their personal misdoings, even if it's adults who actually failed them.
I managed another page, really proud of myself. Won't promise that gets stable now though ^^'
Wow this update took long to get here ^^' But between me looking for jobs, finding one (that is unpaid for now to add to it >__>), World Cup and other stuff going on I really had hard time to get this thing done, but fortunately it's here now and I'm two pages away from finishing this chapter ^^"

See you guys next week.. hopefully xD
I feel sorry for Debbie, its hard being the one overlooked.
@Aiyse: Thank you very much ^^ I'm glad of that too, it would be hard to draw with both eyes having poor vision ^^'
So there's some hope for the little prince :)
I'm back :)
My eye healed well, fortunately, so I see things again and was able to finish my page ^^

Huge thank you to everyone for supportive, and caring words <3 ^^