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@YaoiGirl09: Yeah you got it right :D The first step is to get it out of the system :)

And thank you very much! I hope for safe trip as well, I'm pretty phobic about flying but it's the quickest way so ugh, just gotta survive that :D
Ooops this page is a bit late ^^' I have a crazy time now, it should get better after I find a job ^^'

Thank you all for birthday wishes, it was really nice of you! ^^

Also I'm going off for two weeks to Poland to visit my family so I won't be updating in this time. I'll see you guys on 1st of April x)

Be well my dear readers!
@YaoiGirl09: Thank you xD I've actually have been partly sick for two weeks right now, some running nose here, some sore throat there, and it seemed like it was going down, and then I got kicked with fever and all the pleasures connected xD
I'm so sick this week <T....T>

As for poor Devin... he tried ^^'
Damn Nova is so darn cute x)
Storm incoming in 3....2....1....
This was a crazy week with stolen motorbike, and search for it, sickness and a few other stuff resulting in this slightly late page, but next one will come out on time ^^'
@yaoiioay: Aw so much nice words in those comments, Im really happy :D Thank you I will take care of myself ^^
@claudeb: Aw thank you too for liking it :D
@Ralend: Aw thank you :) It's my low self esteem that makes me feel really humbled that anyone even bothers with my stuff when there's so many things around ^^' Also it's good for my productivity, when I don't feel pressure I tend to be lazy xD but thank you for caring ^^
@claudeb: Aw thank you :D Im happy I can convey much just with drawings ^^
And yes, there's nothing you can say to a guy that is just reminding you that he's the most powerful around ^^'
It goes well so far ;)
I am sorry for unfinished page today, my dear readers. I feel terrible after not delivering the last week and still not being able to deliver finished one this week, but I have to admit, it really hit me hard and I wasn't able to gather myself well for most of the week. I decided to post a page like it is so you at least get something, and that something is at least a bit longer than usually so I hope it compensates for the quality ^^'

Also I would like to thank all of you for your comments filled with sympathy and understanding that I received throughout this week. I'm really grateful for each and every one of them. I haven't been able to reply because it was still hurting too much, but I've been thankful for your warm words. I wish you all very long and happy times with your pets, please give them a warm hug from me ^^
January 17th, 2018
He seems awfully restrained for a free spirited person. Kind of disturbing considering his upbringing. I guess mommy had to work off her issues on someone <o.o>
You know you're a great family member, when your brother doesn't even know you have a kid :D
@Sky: Thank youuu! <hugs back>
@Mccull61: I hope together they'll come to the conclusion that it would be better if aliens kidnapped evil people ^^ Serial killers, mafia members, drug dealers...there are so many good options!
As someone battling with depression... shit.. not only it feels like the whole world is against me but also aliens? what the hell guys?! XD
@Sarah: They definitely can, the problem is that it's just a part of the issue ^^'
@Sarah: Thank you very much! Actually I did but it's going away now xD Have a great New Year too! <^_^>