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The Blue Blue
Tall dark and Handome.
Heh...yeah, I wish.

Hobies: This comic, Guitar, Art.

Occupation: Government Lacky, Student.

Likes: Cheese, the colour blue, love stories, Anime, all music with the exception of rap, Nintendo, turtles, guitar, Edgar Allen Poe

Dislikes: Mean people, being crushed by a crush, bad anime dubs when I've seen the orriginal, rap, powerouts, artists block, "GangSTARs" (we all know that real gangsters wear purple pinstripe suits and carry tommy guns in violin cases, and have bodyguards named Vincent and Guedo)

Tools: 0.5 Mechanical Pencil, white eraser, pigment pens, Procreate Painter Classic, Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Image Ready 7, MS paint, tablet, guitar, Sarcastic wit, HP ScanJet 5100C.
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    The Blue Blue
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Ha ha ha...Racism...
The grape soda joke is based on a misconception that all black people like grape soda, sort of like how there is a similar misconception that all black people like KFC. Now you know.
I got Dr. Pepper. That makes me happy.
I told you that there weren't going to be any jokes in this. I suppose the fact that she is suggesting that Greg isn't that smart, a fact that we all already knew is sort of funny, but yeah...I think I just moved into a much darker realm than Brainstrain is used to, but a much happier place than I could have gone.

I debated not having any copy on this page at all, and just having the title "Goodbye" and the little white Greg in the field of black. At the same time though I worried that if I did that everyone would be "wooooooah, did someone just commit suicide or something" and there is no way that I could bring myself to write anything that dark, so no. Now we know why Greg was wearing all white in the last page though, so at least that is good.

Ah, something like this happened to me recently, and I wanted to espress some rage. It feels good to get it out.
I have now made a third entry. So far they all still end with the words "Oh Jesus..."
I wish she'd marry me.

Hey, I got put between Debido and the Netrogo's dead girlfriend. I feel special.
Ha. You know, I didn't get the "Sheena is a punk Rocker" reference until now. That's awesome.
Yay. Simon's back, and he appears to be Gang Star, Homie.
I like Max. The idea of his powers being random is awesome.
Ha. I didn't remember doing this right away, and then when I read it I remembered. Good times, and all because that was one of the way my female friends took an invitation to play games at someone's house. Ah, it was funny.
Ha. I hope this joke never gets old for me.
I don't get why this one is not also broken...they were all the same, I suppose I scanned this one at home. Maybe that made the difference. Interesting...
It makes me laugh that the Christmas special issues are broken.

I can't believe you actually brought that up. That's awesome. I was still expecting more of a "Hmm, for some reason resurrection tastes funny" line.
I think this could have benefited from a bit more Blue Fancomic. XD
Happy Valentines Day

Man, this comic took me a long while to do. If we think about it really, it took me a little over a year to do. I had been planning to have Blue wake up last Valentines Day after his little christmas Carol thing, but then that never happened, so instead, I was going to have him have a little coma dream excitement, which is actually what his comment about the dream about the taxi tank is about. Chance will get that one and laugh I think. In any case, my original plan before the tanxi cab idea that I had over the summer was something like this, and that's why I did it.

I ended up cutting off a bit at the bottom on this one because my scanner isn't awesome enough, but you know, what? It doesn't make much difference, because you didn't lose anything.

I know that last word bubble is hard to read. It reads "For future reference, you don't have to get shot to have me at your bedside" that was the romantic bit at the end that was the sort of "Happy Valentines" message.

Anyway, Acording to my clock, I have a little over an hour left. Happy Valenintes.

That makes me laugh so hard.
XD and I'm barely even a character. That's funny.
XD. Phoenix down. That's funny *laugh*