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March 16th, 2009
I just read this comic through and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!!
October 7th, 2008
*laughs maniacally* that would be hilarious.
hehe. can't wait for the rest of the story.
The Dragonriders of Pern is one of my favorite series. I almost didn't read any of the books. I started with Moreta's ride and found the first chapter or two boring so I put it down. I kept the book though and about a year or so later I picked it up and forced myself to read it. I loved the book and the entire series. My favorites are White Dragon, All the Weyrs of Pern, and The Sky's of Pern.
love your art, love the story. keep up the good work!!
it took a little while but it worked for me.
I love it. Well I love anything to do with Pern really but this is just so well done!
December 27th, 2007
I've been reading for a while but this is the first time I've commented. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!