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I'm 20, and still a beginner, I'll release my first manga soon, for now, I'll focus with my final exam first, by God wills, I'll open my webcomic to public within next mid-Jan, wish me all the best ya! hihi..

Dozou Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!
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Sorry for the late update, since I am spending my time at my family home, so got so lil time to spend for my comic.. LOL~
@FairyWater: oh dear, thanks!
@Ionic Defibrillator: yep! datz why I really wish my cat can really turn into a human.. lol.. stay tuned for the next chapter :*
Thank you for reading! Feel free to click +FAVE my first comic~

I'll update 2 pages per week.

Have a nice day dear reader, hope u guys enjoy this. ^_^