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I create animations!
@hi: Oh thank you!!
UM here take this as I wallow in self-induced sorrow
For when the Smackjeeves changes haha...
Character owner list can be found on main page.

Shadow Slayers the comic is based on an RP between myself and friends.
I'm going to take a small break. Please expect more pages after Magical Girl School Episode 12 is done!
Page updates now on Sundays and Wednesdays!
Thank you for reading SS so far! For the rest of this month it will be coming out every 2 days instead of every 1. I'm quite busy during summer months so it just has to be this way! Thank you for understanding!
@funnybunnyjay: Haha yes!! Unfortunately rylan and daryn didn't interact much after this part of the story, which is really a shame, their arguing was pretty fun. and thanks! yes well, it shows what's in rylan's pouches in his reference so I figured I'd draw it in all the time, it only makes sense hah! : D
@funnybunnyjay: HAHA yes thanks, I'm glad I had that in.
@funnybunnyjay: oh thanks so much! all the panels were p difficult on this page so I'm glad you like them. and yes lol, daryn bein... daryn.
@funnybunnyjay: well we would never have defeated all those bosses if that kept going haha!
so cute ;_;
@funnybunnyjay: Oh thank you! I was actually really worried the fire looked dumb and ugly lol!
I'm so excited to read more! Great job on these!
April 26th, 2016
LOVE the banter!! : D
Ok I think you can tell by now that the people who made these chars wrote their parts and I just edited it lol
@funnybunnyjay: Helll yeahhh B )
@Allie: I don't understand that but lol ok!
Love your comic! I just read all the way through today, can't wait for more~! : D
February 27th, 2016
Sooo beautiful! I've been following this comic for some time now, probably years, and I'm always happy to read up on it ^^ can't wait for the next page!