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A good looking man, well gifted in the arts of comics, driving, love making, and amature erotic movies.
My hobbies include kyte flying, burning things with my zipo, and long walks in the park.
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    Zaraza Zarinov
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Just thought i'd drop by and see whats up. Amazingly enough some people still post comments, yeah some good times.

wow-comics forever man! (well, at least for a short time that is :)
Hey guys, wanted to say i'm sorry the comic isnt staying. We gave our best and tried to make it last.
Hell we even sold a shirt to a fan.

But it wasnt ment to be. I'm going to try and find an artist to complete the strips i have written and possibly continue, but the art is not low level and i dont know what i can do.

In any event, it was fun while it lasted.
September 29th, 2005
now that everyone is all overwellmed with the art, how about someone tell me what they know about half baked, its no longer on the site.
Where did half baked go to again???
Yeah he is the artist and i do the writing and server upkeep. but we pritty much do the concept work tugether. I'll make sure to show you what he skipped a day for btw.

Ok what the hell happend now? We were number 2 for a second becose another comic took first place. That comic is now gone.
I dont mean to say we killed the owner, though that was comming... Where did that comic go to?
Dont misunderstand now, this is a side story but not a random strip, it is part of the plotline and will be tuched on... by hookers!
On the up side (that is, if hookers are not the up side allready) guess who is gonna go shooting today... no, not at hookers, look at our site on thursday for pics.
September 19th, 2005
What i want to know is where my avatar went? grr!
September 17th, 2005
hehe, tweebus, thats why you the man!
not many people notice this, but indeed the hotdog guy is the same guy who was selling icecream. Read all the way back and you will see him in yet another strip. We decided to have some return visits from cast members and he is one of them.

And yes, mondays suck buffalo dick.
Monday doc, MONDAY!
Now that...
that son of a bitch had it comming for years!!

Also, thanks for the recognition, but as a network admin, i'm not so much after fame as my counter part the artist.
Btw, i'm playing half life 2 and its making me sick to my stomech, too much 3d makes zarinov... vomit violently.
While on the subject.
I've been reading penny arcade for a while,and have indeed read every single strip they made to date (Same goes for GPF and Ctrl-Alt-Del) and i must say it seems like they are past the glory days.

Their stuff has become not only too random, but also too much of an inside joke. Some strips you cant understand without reading the news, and others you cant cant understand at all.

While i still read their stuff, such comic as PVPonline is far better of a read and same for Ctrl-Alt-Del.

My thoughts.
I said it once and i'll say it again....
This is a forum here! and its awsome!

Whats up all, zarinov here. As you can tell from my name... It has been my impression that in order to attract a crowed in comic you need to start with random shit. Meaning stuff that people can read and get without going like 50 strips back.

But! I feel, and Rhino agreed, that we and you are all ready for some plot to happen, more solid then ever before. Solid, massive and long. And with this new found solidity we will thrust forward.

Keep an eye for the beggining of a saga. (Soon at a home near you)
September 4th, 2005
This here is some good shit
i'll keep that in mind next time your greatness calls me up to ask if you left you blanky in my house
The grass is really nice, but also... the coloring, adds ALOT.
I was wondering if there is any chance zarinov can apear in one of your strips. Make him evil if you want (i'd like that alot).
Just askin...
Hey, i decided i should be in someone elses comic. Who will add me for one guest strip only. I'm looking to be in atleast 5 diffrent comics.