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I'm Spanish and my English isn't very good...
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Lovely page, as always *_*
Pez is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! *__*
SO GOOD! The art, the story... they're both so GORGEOUS!
Love it! <3
Nyaaaah! LOVE LOVE! *dancing*
hehe, I really like romantic stories, y'know xD
I like their hair...
I've always wanted to dye my hair with bright colours, but my mother thinks that I'd look like a ... I can't say it here. She allows me to have streaks, but it's not the same, y'know T_T Anyway, I love the colouring!
Do you plan to make all the comic coloured?
Hehe, thank you very much! But the pages are a bit strange. I'm very bad at adding tones.
Anyway, I'll be in England for three weeks, so I won't be able to update in that time. T__T

I like the eyes in the third panel. Wish I could draw like you >///<
Haha, it seems like Kea always gets good qualifications, yeah! xD
Great last panel.
Love this comic! >////<
Aww! Poor kid! T_T
But he's so cute... >///<
So pretty!
I love your style! =3
I love this comic! It's... bwahahaha xDDDDDDDD
Your style is gorgeous.

Oh... and I have a new webcomic.

Can't wait for the next page~!
Yeah, I drew it. Actually, it's from the cover of my webcomic... I started updating yesterday... Here's the link:

I'm not very good at it, but hope you'll like it anyway.

I LOVE the third panel xD
He was such a cute child! His story is very sad... I feel really sorry for him...

Ne~! If you can, check my new webcomic ^.^
OMG! She looks so pretty! And her expression is amazing...

I can't wait for the next page!
GYAK! I like the outfits, they're not random!
Grandpa is going to be alone? umm T__T
Woo!! Cool outfits!!!

Yeah, sometimes is difficult to reach a person real feelings.
Maybe Ki is just hiding his true feelings because they're too painful... he seems to be so cold-hearted now...


Really nice page, anyway *__*
so hot *o*
So... Turbulence is finally finished. So saaaaaaaad.... but I'm not going to unfav this manga, because I just like it too much.

A new mangaaaaaa! Yaaay! I'm sooo happy! I'll read it, of course!!!
Well... I guess that as long as he isn't unhappy, things are ok... But I would beat Kaname-kun... a hundred times xDDDDDDD
I was blind, really. Kaname is such a stupid boy! It reminds me of one boy in my class... LKAD=Q/("·)($/·$)(/"·$)
"I have never considered you as a friend"<--- Too much for my sweet heart xDDDD
Yeah, I know that kind of boys only exist in manga... and that's why I love manga so much! Well, I love it because of a lot of things, not only because of that... xDDD
So, after all, this story is ending... I feel so sad... I'm going to miss Yana very much, you know...
But if you decide to make a new comic, I'll read it, of course. I just love your art too much =D
You're a bad person, you know xDDDDD
Just kidding...
Ups... I think I hate Kaname- kun now... I was blind... xDDD