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Well, I like to read, tis my favorite hobby. I also like to garden, listen to music, and write. I am currently a college student.
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I'm not sure whether to be upset with Henry or not for playing Cedric's game. Must continue...
*melts* I love their relationship!
Yes!!! Yay!!! <3
Does this mean they'll finally get together?! *squeals*
Tommy doesn't look so good... his neck is red from the collar...
Awwww! Dake looks so sad!
Dake! You gave up too easily!
First comment! I think it's great! So cute and sad.
Kiss! Confess your undying affections!
OMG, Ichijo should totally push Kaeru against the wall and teach him who's boss!
I love Jael! He's so pretty! And somehow seemingly naive...
I love the Swan Lake story! And Oden is adorable!
Wonderful! I love cheesy!
Lil Merboy is so cute!
XD aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Prince looks very pleased.
LULZ! Grandma is awesome! And Red is such a cute uke
ROFL! I laughed so hard at that! Grandma, how could you?!
Awww! Red is so cute and...dim-witted.