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I like drawling and looking at others comix. I dont feel that i draw that well, but im trying,lol.
And over all im a happy cuddly person. ^^
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and they never saw him coming XD
this is just too, so beautiful! XD i really love Anko's pose
*sniffle* i wish i could be a cool stalker like SchG ;_;
XD so how come hes taking this kid home? and whats his sis gonna say?! ARGG! cant wait for the next page! <333
so wait...>.> now they both have pigtails?
XD oh my goodness! XD that last panel where hes watching her fall in tiny chick form is so freken adorable ^^ <3
LOL! ied be running by now if this girl burst out of the bushes near me XD
LOL XD im really loving this twist ^^
Wooot! for new page. ^^this has brightened my day ^^
*does a happy lil wolf dance* <3
LOL XD im so happy to see GREAt wow comics ^^ these are very wonderful. <3
September 16th, 2007
sutch a sweet tender momment of love ....and then.....the other sort of love,lol ^^