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I'm off work this week and with the last page almost completed on my side of the pond I'm really looking forward to just doing nothing for several days that is not SS related! It's going to feel sooooo nice!
This is also the first time in a long time that I've finished a chapter without feeling like my feet were dragging through mud for the last few pages! I was fine with chapters one and two but each chapter after that, I'd get to the last 10 pages and suddenly it would feel like the clock had slowed right down and I was never going to reach the end. It's an odd state of mind to be in for sure as the urge to get past it makes me less fussy about the art just to get through it. So I feel really relieved this time round that I haven't experienced it again on this chapter.

Next page: Poor Nikki has to suffer Sarah's new found enthusiasm for the search to continue ;)

Have a nice week!
@ohanyname!: hehe I already have a copy I bought on Ebay a couple of years ago! I wish the UK publishers would follow suit!
@kidcthulhu: :) Did you ever see any of the Mad cartoons where they made physical creatures out of set expressions, 'like wrestling with his conscience' or 'trying to hide her feelings.' I loved those.
@Karlijn: That's very true!! It could be a sign Sarah's ready to reconsider her future!
@Fruitbat44: If you remember way back when Janey got hit by a van and Sarah believed she was going to die, she pretty much put her atheism aside to have a heart to heart with God. With Lenore it's rather gone the other way with Sarah now so convinced that something supernatural could exist that she's struggling with her old logic in a slightly different way. I'm not commenting on the rest ;)
@MichaelHartman: Trueee! :)
October 13th, 2018
@ohanyname!: I'll think about it.
October 13th, 2018
@Lordcholmondlywarner: I love doing hair. Sometimes it frustrates me when the close ups become too convoluted as I feel I'm drowning the atmosphere I want to create but when it looks nice I get off on it! lol :)
October 13th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: Haha There's something about saying 'Fish and Chips' that seems to set people off!
October 13th, 2018
@MichaelHartman: Trueeee! She should have learnt her lesson by now!
October 13th, 2018
@Fruitbat44: Sorry for the late reply, I've been dragging my heels so much over finishing the pages and work that I've barely had time to respond to comments lately.

It's not over yet ;)

PS: The island was Becky's idea! lol I was quite expecting to see a grassy patch but she chose to colour it that way. Either way I also felt it made the scene more interesting so I never queried it!
I spent a couple of hours playing with my mannequin to get a nice worms eye view of Nikki digging a hole in a dramatic perspective before I transposed my sketch to an overlay and realised it didn't really work as a small panel! As a child I was always drawn to the cover arts for their visual impact and thought why can't they do great art like this for the whole comic and I guess this is the same thing, the art was great throughout but just lost it's impact by being reduced. Like watching Star Wars on a mobile phone.

Have a nice week :)
@kidcthulhu: I totally agree! I think the majority of people use television as an aid to escape from stress or boredom, but when that entertainment is lacking they feel disappointed. The beauty of a personal fantasy is that it can go exactly where you want it too which has to be very good for the soul!
@Linn: That certainly is an interesting subject to study. I find it very hard to daydream when other people are around or if I'm doing a task that requires too much thought, but when I'm left alone and doing something mundane like washing up I slide effortlessly into daydreams.
You're right though, I'm sure that any writer must be able to detach themselves from real life to be able to write a story as it's that 'living it' in your mind that generates the different characters responses to a situation and each other.
Most importantly though I noticed very early on in my own writing that I had a distinct advantage over younger writers in that being a late starter I had much more experience of life beyond school to help stimulate my writing whereas those still in school seemed to be confined to keeping their stories within it. This makes me think that the ability to write well depends equally on real experiences as well as plenty of imagination to explore or manage those experiences in other ways.
Continuing on from last page Lucy is clearly not seeing how irritated Sarah is starting to become at her friends lack of support. No doubt she's thinking the best way to shut them up is to dig up the witch bottle
to prove she's not as daft as they are suggesting. Soooo…next week Sarah and Nikki set out with their spades in an attempt to save Sarah's ego!

Have a nice week :)
'Never more alone than when in a crowd' is one of the most interesting expressions that has always fascinated me. I grew up in a family of three children and we shared a lot of the same interests in art, books, film and music etc but I always felt a desperate need to slide back into my own private fantasy world with imaginary games and writing or drawing made up stories.
I haven't really changed much over the years and though I crave companionship and fear being on my own for too long I also still cherish my ‘own’ time just as much as ever. I think all writers must be that way to some extent as it's very hard to slide into a make believe world when you are surrounded by people who may at any moment demand your attention when you are at a most thrilling point in your ‘daydream’. So for me personally that feeling of loneliness is never more acute than when attending a function where I felt obliged to attend but at the same time didn't want to go because I don't really know anybody there.
The same feeling can come from one's own friends though, just as Sarah is finding here, where a personal belief is mocked by the very people you hope to be more supportive or understanding.

Next week: Sarah begins to feel her friends disbelief is turning to ridicule!

Have a nice week ;)
@Guest: Okay ;)
@ohanyname!: My Grandparents lived in a large house called Carlingford which is where I took the name from, and I believe it was already named that when they moved there. In a name search I discovered that there were a large number of Carlingfords living in London in the 1800's who migrated away from the capital so it's most likely it was a Carlingford family that named my grandparents place.

In other news, as I've mentioned before, I decided to sever this last chapter into two parts as it was becoming increasingly too long as the pages progressed. I wanted this Lenore story wrapped up though and the chapter left at what I think could be considered a suitable ending of the whole thing. But for my own pleasure as much as anything else I'd like to still do the part I've axed off which was mainly a winding down covering the outcomes for all Sarah's friends, especially Nikki, and a more comfortable ending for Sarah herself.
@Fruitbat44: Haha This is no ordinary crow so I can afford to be a bit lenient with my art on that I think. It's good to be back too! I miss checking in to read the comments!
@kidcthulhu: Haha yea, digging isn't so much fun when you're not even expecting to find anything so I think Sarah's going to have a hard time getting any help with this! Hopefully someone will at least lend her a spade though :)