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It's weird how the closer I get to the end of a chapter the harder I find it to turn out the final pages. I remember back on chapter two I felt like I was walking through mud with huge heavy boots on, it just seemed to take forever to get the last 3 pages done and even then I did a very compressed final page just so I could finally let go. This chapter has been the smoothest ride of all for me as I'm still hooked on doing the art and I'm trying to make as many panels fun for myself to do as I can so it doesn't feel like another wall of text!

Next week: Sarah brings up her dreams!
@Fruitbat44: Haha Nooo that title was just pure coincidence. I almost feel I should make something of Laura's tattoo but all I can think of is her body being found in a very unrecognisable condition save for her little heart tattoo! But I really don't want to do that.
@Karlijn: Thankyou :) I think I mentioned before on 'another love story' how much your art reminded me of my own. I'm quite amazed really what 10 years of practice has done for my art, but I still get days where I wrestle with it and feel I shouldn't still be struggling after so long, but that's the way it is! I must catch up on yours btw very soon.
@ohanyname!: Congratulations on the cancer front, that must be such a relief for you! And yes indeed, we will be having a break before we do the epilogue but all this stuff about Lenore will be tidied up before that happens. :)
@kidcthulhu: Yes you did and it was a very astute observation! :)
@Fruitbat44: As always you are a very discerning reader! You were right about Ron's reservations in telling Lucy the whole truth. As for his intentions, I don't think there's any way I could have him prove what he really did or did not intend to do that night. Sarah believes it was a one off moment of madness but Laura is convinced he really intended to do it. Personally though I feel if Laura still lives in fear of him even now then even if he didn't intend to kill her, he's done as much harm anyway.

The heart was an afterthought. It was only after it popped up in several panels in a row that I felt it was like I was hinting at it's importance but for now it's just decoration! ;)

Finally...good point about the kissing! I hesitated about any sex scenes very early on as there was a big ban on Hentai when I first started and I wasn't sure what it took to cross the line back then but after I saw what others were getting away with I relaxed a lot but still preferred to keep the art to a modest level. I often think how far we have come in the past 10 years from a general LGBT point of view. It does feel like the net helped so many people come forward who had always been in the shadows for so long which has been a wonderful change.
@kidcthulhu: Your dads absolutely right. Often readers remind me of things I'd forgotten to explain properly or ask questions I can still explain in the pages to come. There is so much to be gleaned from reader input and it does become a part of the comic too. For the first three chapters I saved copies of every single comments section because I was afraid that one day they would be wiped, but fortunately they are still intact on the site now, 10 years after they were written!
@Linn: Haha It occurred to me while writing that this heart to heart they are having could so easily end in some kind of intense realization that they are two of a kind but I mustn't go there!
@Fruitbat44: Yes, as always you're pretty spot on about Ron's version of the truth. As for the question mark, it seemed odd putting it in a thought bubble for some reason as this is always witnessed through Sarah's eyes. I though 'huh?' seemed a bit to dramatic so decided to leave it with the readers own imagination instead lol
@Legerdimain: I always feel for Nikki as she's such a loyal friend and yet spends much of her time helping sarah with her problems when she must clearly ahve a lot of her own too. It's something I intend to focus on more in the last part at least.
@MichaelHartman: lol I don't know! ;)
@Lordcholmondlywarner: It's in a place called Battlesbridge which is about a half hours drive from our house too.
@kidcthulhu: I can't answer for Becky on that one but I do know she likes to give everyone their own custom tint no matter how close they may resemble each other, so that's probably part of her design. I've always found it hard to calculate the page numbers as I work to a series of small notelet type prompts on my timeline and sometimes I can get 4-5 on one page whereas others expand over two pages. I'm hoping to really tie it down when this part finishes! :)
When we first started out as an LGBT comic there was such a desperate shortage in the mainstream market anyway and the birth of webcomics was really the cork out of the bottle for so many of us, as both readers and writers. Our comic in particular started out life on a different site (the Duck) and despite a number of issues with bugs, lost data, re-designing etc. over the years and the near collapse of the site when it was formerly DrunkDuck, all the original comments have survived and make a fascinating historical snapshot of how the LGBT community especially embraced this new medium; swapping new discoveries, promoting each others work, and most importantly relating to the characters thoughts and feelings in a way that few people in minority groups had ever had the chance to do before.
In recent years things have changed a lot as we all know and it seems the ability to read comics via mobile phones has caused the biggest change in readers leaving comments as typing long messages is so much harder than using a proper sized keyboard. I imagine one day comic sites might feel forced to introduce a ‘heart’ and ‘like’ system like they have on FB so people on mobiles can interact with less stress but at the end of the day nothing beats that personal touch of leaving a thought in your own words and connecting with another like minded reader, often in a completely different country. Not for me anyway!

Next week: Sarah realises just how badly Laura's been affected by Rons threats!

Have a nice week ;)
I realised during the week that there are only about 4 pages to go before we finish the chapter! As I said before we will have to have a short epilogue which will probably be between 10-20 pages depending how on how evenly the remaining pages need to be paced but for now everything centres around this final meeting with Laura which is why I decided to give them a much nicer setting for the final scene. It's a pub close to where I live so easy enough to get nice refs and I much prefer open skies and countryside to closed in rooms anyway..and hair always moves more sexily in a breeze! ;)

Next week: Sarah and Laura go for a nice one to one together and Sarah finally gets a chance to hear Laura's perspective on what happened that
night at the construction yard!
@Fruitbat44: Haha I love this. My original idea was for Ron to present it to Sarah at the end of the story as a thankyou for all she had done but as his character became more deplorable I felt it would be more fitting to use the opportunity to show how his well meaning attitude always seems to do more harm than good. :)
@ohanyname!: I imagine Ron will send a small portable garage over once the true consequences of his actions come to light. And being a sound businessman I imagine he might want the other car back.
@ohanyname!: Thanks :) I must admit the mini came out better than I expected!
@kidcthulhu: Yea, I felt in better circumstances she would really love to have her old car back. I always get very attached to mine in the same way I do a comfortable pair of shoes and mini's are much more cute than Fiestas! But feeling unloved isn't the sort of thing a car can make up for.
Sarah gets her old mini back and as always it's typical of Ron to think that money and posessions are the answer to everything, I just wonder how much of that has rubbed off on Lucy. ;)

For my part it felt really great to be drawing the old car again so I wanted to make it a bit of a focal point for this page!

Next week: The girls all go off for a drink and a discuss how they feel about each other!

Have a nice week! :)