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A good question and an equally lovely answer too! :)
My snarkometer went into the red on this one! ;)
Furry handcuffs and a carrot! One can only speculate! Loving this side story and it's characters too so I look forward to reading the rest of this now I've caught up. Looking forward to getting back to Extinct too.
More beautiful use of colour to creat atmosphere. Love the old witch too, she's really something! :)
Love this new art style you've used, it has a kind of stained glass quality about it which is not only very unique but also very beautiful. Looking forward to the side story too.
Great page! Lovely expression on her face too.
I agree with kid, Lara seems very interesting and I hope we get to explore her more as the story progresses.
I love this page!!! The spaceship looks awesome and those distant twinkling blue stars really give the whole page a beautiful atmosphere in contrast to the dark sky and dull rust coloured planet.
@ohanyname!: This was quite a hard page to compose because I didn't feel there was a need for us to hear ron repeating anything he had already told Sarah and I felt Lucy would go through shock before anger too so it felt best leaving text balloons out and letting the art do the talking. I also felt a whole page of Sarah consoling Lucy was too much and again pretty guessable how the conversation would go so it felt nice to put both girls away from Ron and the house altogether for that sympathetic embrace. :)
@ohanyname!: The spellings corrected! Most of my inspiration and affection for art has come from comic artists. It's an interesting idea but as comic artists don't really hit the ehadlines much I'm not sure how much I could find out, but it's certainly an interesting idea.
@Fruitbat44: I did feel it was important to get that 'Wow!' expression in the first panel as good as possible for best effect, so thanks for that. There's more on Ron's story a little later when Sarah finally gets to chat to Laura too ;)
@Lordcholmondlywarner: Nice thinking. That's a point that will be raised in a few pages ;)
@kidcthulhu: As you'll see from this weeks page she's finally left ;) I wrote my editorial on how I feel about my own art this week, so you'll be interested to know I feel much the same about my own art! :) It's interesting though as your art is so 'you' that it always looks fine to me who isnt!
@shiro707: Hi Shiro. Nice sentiments there :)
I always find self-perception of my own art a difficult thing to get my head around. When I look at the art of people less experienced than myself it makes me feel more confident about my own and when I look at the art of people more talented than myself I wonder if I could ever reach their standard in my lifetime. I just always know I'm somewhere in the middle! It all feels very healthy though. I still love to look at the art that inspired me as a child and weirdly when I do look at that artwork again I always feel a long long way from ever being able to equal them, but it's also a nice feeling because these same artists have inspired me to do better for a whole lifetime and although it's a nice feeling to impress people with what I can do at times, nothing equals that excitement of being blown away by the work of another.

So saying, I'm not in love with this page because my heart was totally on next weeks page, where Lucy reunites with Laura, and this page just happened to be in the way and it probably shows. Thanks to Becky's skilful colouring though it does look so much more exciting now than when I first handed it to her.

nuff said.

Have a nice week! :)
I saw a lovely film on Netflix during the week called 'Final Portrait'. I'm a big fan of Geoffrey Rush anyway but his portrayal here of the artist Giacometti had me captivated. Artists are renown for beating themselves up over their work and I see it more here than anywhere. At any level of expertise we all have our good and bad days; art we struggle with and art we can feel disappointed in just days after having felt elated about it! Some artists are very vocal about it (winks at Kim) and others like me prefer to keep quiet and hope nobody notices! But watching this film about a man who was held in high esteem for his ability and making the sort of money most of us can only fantasise about, it was interesting to see that the one thing that really mattered to him most was getting his art right, and not just right but good enough to impress himself. I love that because it's so true and one of the loveliest lines for me was when this revered and highly paid artist threw down his brush and exclaimed, 'It's all gone wrong today, I'm painting like a child!' because it reminds me that at any level we WILL always have days like that.

Anyways, next week it's a reunion with Nikki as Sarah leaves Carlingford and moves in with her while Lucy decides what to do about Laura.

Have a nice week :)
Having mentioned in the last couple of weeks about my struggles towards completing chapters etc and feeling burnt out in general I know the answer is to be inspired again by a page I REALLY want to do rather than a page I feel have to do. So this week I reached the point where Laura finally reunites with Lucy and getting around to doing the two pages has done wonders for my enthusiasm. My eyes used to well up a lot in the early days because I was often relating very closely to experiences close to my heart and reliving them on paper was pretty emotional at times too, so I knew this upcoming Lucy/Laura scene would be a really good couple of pages for me to work on. It also reminds me that art has a power far beyond making money; You can write a story or draw a picture but when that pen or pencil is connected to your emotions and the two are flowing as one you really do feel something special happen. I'm sure others among you comic makers can relate to this; it's not so much about skill either, it's just that focus of attention on how you feel inside as you make the art which is special. It seems more obvious to relate the feeling to music because you can either just play the notes in the order they appear or you can play them with ‘feeling’ which is when that musician really connects emotionally and often enough to affect those around them too.

Anyways, Next week, The truth is out as Lucys learns that Laura is still alive after all! Lots of emotional stuff coming up of course so
keep a tissue to hand! ;)

Have a nice Easter! :)
@ohanyname!: I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to talk to me direct, instead of just about me! lol
I really won't be doing any more to this comic. You were close when you said 9 years as it's actually been 10 and that's one hell of a lot of input at what averages out at about a page a week for all that time. It's not the work though but the fact that I really feel there is no more story to tell. We all know too that any show that runs on too long loses it's quality in the end. I don't feel like the same person I did when I first started this comic, it's affected my life and that in turn affects my writing so if I do feel the urge to do more I would much rather start a completely new story than keep latching onto this one.
@Lordcholmondywarner: Thanks for such a lovely message. I do wonder if I will feel 'homesick' and lost after this ends. I took nice long breaks between chgapters before and felt incredibly enthusiastic and excited to start the next new chapter afterwards but this really has to end now and I feel what I've written is the nicet way to do it. It will not only be complete but very nicely rounded off at a apoint where I no longer feel I can get any more mileage out of it.

And yes, we will have a few reunion pages with Stacey and Leo, and of course Nikki and Janey, but more on that later. :)
@Gemi: Hi Gemi, firstly Nikki's date again so I'll definitely have to dig out thos old pages ;)
We will also get to see where Nikki, Janey and Laura end up for sure and I haven't planned any confrontation with Helen but we will see Her reaction to the news when her father tells her and hear about the aftermath of it all a little later on.

Nicely balanced viewpoint of Ron btw. I think those who despise Ron are justified enough in feeling the way they do but I tend to feel the same way as you. :)