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@EsEnthusiast: No, they didn't. Because Laura was the love child of an affair, Lucy's mother resented Laura so much that she refused to accept her as part of her own family. Laura's 'father' on the birth certificate was shown as her mothers husband at the time so only a DNA test would prove Ron had been her real father. For this reason Lucy never knew the truth.
Soooo…there we have it. On the one hand I can see that Lucy was too ignorant of how badly Laura felt about being at Carlingford and especially how much she missed her real mother but Lucy was just fifteen at the time so should we make allowances for that? But I'll leave it to each reader to judge how guilty Lucy should feel about what happened to Laura that night.

Worth noting though is that this is Lucy's perspective on what happened in the room and if Laura were still around she may have had more to say about the events in panel 2! ;)
@Karlijn: I was hoping it would look fairly balanced. I know people who have gone to mediums in the past and their family and friends always have mixed feelings about it
@Fruitbat44: Yes, it was kidcthulhu on the last page that almost had events spot on. This was quite a hard page to write as I wanted Lucy to come across as naive and perhaps ignorant of how Laura had been feeling up to this point. Laura was clearly deeply troubled.
@Lordcholmondleywarner: Good ;)
@kidcthulhu: You were so close last page, even down to her knocking the wardrobe with her elbow, so that was cool.
@Zeiss Ikon: I did indeed! ;)
This is a really great piece of art and amazing to think you turned it out under such pressure from moving and your other conditions. Really enjoyed the side story too so that was another pleasant surprise to find when I checked in just now.
I know you mentioned before about having life struggles and health problems so I really feel for you there and although I don't know much about your private life I've picked up enough notes here and there to know you've been through a lot, especially in the last year or so.
One of the nicest things I've found while doing comics is that it's not only a relaxing way to unwind and detach from the pressures of real life but also a nice reminder that we are not alone and unloved in this world either! *hugs* :)
Haha Lovely side story and so great to see all the characters from Extinct making cameos :)
As you may recall..Laura's mother died from cancer when she was just nine years old but before she died the mother contacted Lucy's dad (Ron) and revealed he was the true father of their child. Ron felt a sense of duty to take Laura on and make her a part of his family but his wife Helen resented the child from the start and made Laura's short life with them a misery.

Next week: Events turn to tragedy when things get out of hand!
@Fruitbat44: I'm impressed you went to so much trouble to find that particular page! Your remarks are very interesting and thoughtful too.

Firstly, your interpretation of Sarah's dreams is in the right frame of mind. I felt that dreams do have a habit of confusing facts anyway so the reader mustn't take them too literally but at the same time they are an indication of what events really did take place at the house.

With regards to the incest, it's more complicated than it first seems. A dream tells Sarah that Lucy's father had an affair and that Laura was the product of that affair but it's not a totally accurate fact, In reality Lucy believes that Laura is just the daughter of her father's friend and neither of her parents have told her otherwise so the real truth has still to come out.

Either way though I've not shown the two girls having an intimate relationship for this very reason and though it has been clearly implied by the fact they shared a bed together I felt just the implication was sensitive enough as it was, so I left it up to the readers to think as they wished, good or bad!

On a side note, the whole truth will be coming out over the coming pages and as some pages like the one you just mentioned were posted so long ago I will try to post reminders of what has happened in the past to hopefully help you all understand the whole story. I always appreciate questions like this though as there must be other readers thinking the same thoughts!
@Fruitbat44: I probably haven't made it clear enough but this event took place many years ago when the girls were still in their teens. Also, Laura and Lucy have the same father but different mothers, so any intimacy between them would be incest! Lucy's mum knows the truth but never accepting Laura as part of her family she refuses to recognise that the girl has any connection to it, but of course the relationship between them has put her under a lot of pressure to face the truth.
@Karlijn: I don't like those things either! I came across my first ever Ouija board in a junk shop two weeks ago which was really spooky as the guy had lots of dead stuff in there and a large stuffed crow on a perch in the window too, which was why I went in. It felt fascinating to actually hold the board I'd seen images of so many times but I was happy to leave it behind when I left!
@Linn: Don't read Kids post then, or you will!! lol
@kidcthulhu: Haha You pretty much nailed it there! And thanks :)
The story so far.. Sarah's girlfriend Lucy suffered a mental breakdown after her previous girlfriend Laura died in front of her. Up until now the memory of that fateful day has been blocked by the trauma but in a sudden flashback Lucy has now recalled everything that happened…

So here we are, finally at the truth about Laura's death. The discerning among you will probably begin to see now how Lenore links to the story now, and in next weeks page we'll see how the ‘game’ has far more serious consequences!
I used to play chess a lot but then I stopped and haven't had a agme for about 10 yrs I think!! Great game though especially for getting the old brain going!
You've captured the silence well :) I've always had the inclination to just say whatever is on my mind and not worry about what the other person thinks because if they have something more interesting to talk about then I'm happy to let them take over!
I agree, the last panel is really cool in both the drawing and colouring!
Great page! I love the atmosphere you've created with the art on this page.