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September 23rd, 2017
Tension is starting to build now as Sarah finally confronts Ron with the knowledge that has been eating away at her since she first had doubts about Laura being dead! Just to clarify though, it was Nikki who first brought the possibility to Sarah's attention when she discovered irregular entries in the piano teachers old records. Laura has only ever been referred to as having her original mother's surname so the idea of her being Ron's daughter is something Sarah only picked up in her dreams; but as it's possible Sarah's dreams were based on Lucy's sleep-talking there is a distinct possibility that there's some truth in the matter that maybe even Lucy can't bear to face... after all it would mean she had been having a relationship with her own sister.

Next week: Sarah finds her options are fast becoming limited as Ron takes control of the situation!

Have a nice week :)
I've always felt you were a really good artist and your drawing just gets classier all the time. I think for serious strips like this you can't beat studying anatomy and using good refs as it really does help bring the characters to life in way you don't need to do so much with comedy strips. Body language is a very important part of self expression and when bodies look wooden it does lessen the overall effect I think.

Oh! I finally caught up too. Had a great hour just catching up on your comic and admiring the lovely art, and now it's over for a little while. *cries*
September 19th, 2017
Ouch! lol
When people do that to me I tend to just stop talking as I feel I'm just wasting my breath. My dad's the worst, he will interupt me mid sentence to ask a question about something totally unrelated as if I'd never been speaking at all!
Twist after twist just lately and I'm loving the ride! So the ancient journal is actually a diary written in English, that's certainly something to think about. Really love that last panel btw, her expression is excellent! :)
Clearly a very sensitive topic for Blaze!
Interesting.... so was that last bit about the tentacles just a dream he had while falling asleep reading the journals?
Another shock for us! I'm intrigued for sure!
Wow, I was surprised to see a young Blaze among the villains. Interesting turn of events though, he could either have started off bad and turned good, or he's playing along with them for a greater cause, hopefully!
Oooooh, naughty, naughty! Looks like they are stealing religious artifacts too so I fear the worst!
I love this!! The atmosphere is terrific!
I love that sky! The middle panel is really lovely in it's own right as landscape art and I love the last panel where she's releasing the butterfly.
@Karlijn: She's done it now, for sure! :) But I think we've all waited long enough so it's about time she pushed for some answers.
@MichaelHartman: I've thought about laser correction but I've also heard it doesn't always last and other people who said it made their reading distance poorer, so I'm happy to stick with my specs.
@Lordcholmondleywarner: ;)
@Fruitbat44: Yea, as I said to Linn, I think Sarah's had enough of these strange dreams and family secrets and she's willing to throw everything she's got at Ron in the hope of getting the truth out of him. I'd imagine she has thought about so many possibilities and is rooting for the ones that might make the most sense.
@kidcthulhu: Haha She could very well be!
@Linn: @Linn: Yes it is a bit! :) You're right though, the version of events Sarah saw in her dream were of Ron being told he had a daughter by another woman who contacted him when she was dying of cancer, to ask him if he would take her in, but Ron's wife refused to let her take the family name. Sarah's never had any real proof of this but now she wants to know the truth, she's pushing the idea to see how he will react.
@Foolishpuck80: Hi FP lovely to meet you. It's been a wonderful experience for me to share my own thoughts and feelings on so many issues close to my heart as well as having had the opportunity to meet so many lovely and interesting people as yourself in the process. The LGBT spectrum is so very wide and I always love to hear how other people have lived and experienced a life within it. :)
Next week: Ron reacts to Sarah's remark as the conversation between them heats up!