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Ron's clearly losing sight of the big picture and becoming fixated on getting his own way, as well as letting his feelings towards Laura's mother cloud the situation.

Becky raised the question of timeline during our conversation last night which was a very good point because clearly Sarah is floating around somewhere at this point. I always follow a timeline to make sure that events fall in a logical and realistic pattern, so out of interest
Sarah would still be with Janey at this point and probably just started her first job at the Smallwoods dept store. And although they will all eventually come to meet the elderly piano teacher May (who lived at the same flats as S and J) that's still a few years in the distance.
Bonus points if you recognised the two oddball girls here that Sarah dated after she split up with Janey, clearly together at this point even though Sarah dates them seperately later on. No doubt they freaked each other out as much as they did Sarah! ;)

Next Week: No more hesitation or cold feet for Ron as he finally delivers Laura into the hands of his hired thugs and she gets to see what they have in store for her!

Have a nice week :)
@kidcthulhu: Thanks hon :)
@Karlijn: We're actually not far away from finding out now. Ron's confession only lasts a few pages and then we will get around to Lucy learning the truth before the comic wraps up :)
@Dragonrider: Haha They sure make a pretty nasty couple on the quiet don't they. ;)
I've tried to make him a villain with a more interesting and faceted balance to his character and I imagine every reader will have their own personal opinions of him so I'm not defending him in any way. Personally I feel he would be a much better person if he wasn't so spineless. ;)
Just to recap:
Ron was happily married to Helen and between them they have a daughter named Lucy, but he had also previously had a brief relationship with an already married woman named Catherine.

Several years into his marriage Ron was contacted by Catherine who told him that when she broke off their relationship it had been because she was pregnant with his daughter, Laura. She told him she was dying and concerned for her daughters future so asked Ron to take Laura in as her dying wish.

Ron's wife Helen was sceptical from the start and gave both Ron and Laura plenty of grief to show her displeasure at the new arrival. As Lucy and Laura grew up the situation became more complicated when the two girls fell in love with each other!

As the atmosphere in the house grew more tense Laura suffered a grand mal seizure in front of Lucy and almost died. She was rushed to hospital and managed to survive but a chance encounter with an old friend of the mother's revealed Catherine had scammed Ron all along into believing her child was also his. In a blaze of temper Ron stormed out and then had to suffer the wrath of his wife for being such an easy target.

Realising they no longer had any moral obligation towards Laura, Ron and Helen tried to remove Laura from their lives by dumping her on her mother's sister and letting Lucy believe she had really died on the night of the seizure. At first Laura was compliant as she too was sick of the way the family treated her but after a while Laura had a change of heart and decided she missed Lucy too much.

Sooo..Ron has got himself tied up in knots and his wife Helen is as usual hounding him to find a solution. Next week Ron puts his plan into action and we get to meet Laura properly for the first time!

Have a nice week! ;)
Reading this particular comic is a really lovely experience for me because it takes me right back to the early days when I first discovered webcomics and was inspired by such similarly nice and quietly romantic stories concerning LGBT characters. I love your art and the script, this page being a particularly beautiful portrait of emotions. Please don't lose interest before it's completed!
Haha I know how she feels ;)
January 29th, 2018
If that first panel is true then I'm quite amazed as I saw an article about Gigers work when Alien first came out and perfect as his art was for that film there was really nothing that different in his other gallery work, so I get the feeling Dune would have just ended up looking like Alien anyway. I have very vague memories of HR Puffenstuff on TV but tbh it rather freaked me out for some reason.
@kidcthulhu: It's not meant to be that way, it just takes sooo long to tell the darn story! lol
@Fruitbat44: As we go over what Ron did to Laura I felt it was important to remind everyone about Lucy and also show that the relationship between her and her dad was a pretty close one, but next week we put all our attention on Laura.
@ohanyname!: It's quite possible. We did a photoshoot to get a nice selection of angles but she never did tell me her proper name.
@MichaelHartman: Haha I know I'm cruel for not having covered that sooner! ;)
As Ron's confesses to his part in the events that ensured Laura stay away from Lucy, I felt it was important to show his motivations as well as his behaviour in this last segment as I think you'll find it more interesting. And I'm sure you can all guess whose on the other end of that phone! ;)
Throughout the Carlingford story we've seen Ron as a fairly lively and loud man who has shown evidence of a quick temper more than once, but to me he felt like a fairly average guy on the whole as he's made some nice gestures along the way even though his motives were questionable, but for those of you who never felt totally comfortable with him I guess this is your moment. He knows he's crossed a line that nobody will forgive him for easily, if at all; and good old Sarah, whose stood up to his intimidation and subtle threats has finally made him face reality.

Next week: We go back in time to see what Ron did to make sure Laura stayed ‘dead’
@kidcthulhu: Haha Next page will certainly help ease that pain. Things are moving much faster now. :)
@MichaelHartman: It was a nice page to do because although I'd already written the script I then read a reader comment saying they were surprised Laura gave up on Lucy so easily, which felt to me like the most crucial flaw in Ron's story that Sarah was most likely to pick up on, especially as she could relate through how she felt herself towards Janey.
@Fruitbat44: Sarah's track record for jumping to the right conclusions isn't always that great so far, as you know, but her empathy towards Laura being drawn from her own experiences with Janey quite possibly have some substance. And yes! At least she can drive away in a hurry now if things take a more sinister turn!
This is the moment Sarah digests Ron's testimony and tries to put herself in Laura's shoes which brings her to a rather disturbing conclusion. The question is, if Sarah's right and Laura did decide to come back…why didn't she?
Find out next week! ;)