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It's always a tough question to answer but I think most of us tend to write about people we know personally as it's safer, or else there is a tendency to lean towards stereotypes without realising just because it's the only view we have been fed.
I have known people to answer a question with something more offbeat than was originally asked, especially when they only half listen and then pre-guess what they thought you intended to ask.

At five updates a week it's very hard for me to catch up with you, so my new policy is to start with the most recent and work back as far as I can in one sitting! :)
@Fruitbat44: Haha, I think at this point we have to assume that someone is finally telling the truth or the comic will go on forever! The events that follow will all be related to this revelation.
@kidcthulhu: Wow, you were fast, I've only just posted the page! :)
Soooooo…. Ron had an affair with a woman some years ago and 8 years later she informed him that she had a love child by him but convinced her husband the child was his to save her marriage. Ron believed the story despite his wife Helen's scepticism but now finally a nurse at the hospital has confirmed Helen was right all along.

Next week:
Already feeling used and abused by a woman he loved a great deal, Ron's wife Helen also starts to put him under pressure!
Quick Recap: Ron here took Laura into his family after being told by a previous partner who was dying, that she was his daughter. The new addition to the family caused a lot of trouble for her new family as she did not settle in easily and as a result Ron spent more time away from home as he didn't know how to deal with the escalating friction between
his wife and new ‘daughter’.

Next Week: Ron's emotions take a U-turn when he hears some startling news!
Despite Helen's doubts about Laura's true paternity she still has to accept that Ron could be the real father, which makes the relationship between Laura and Lucy very uncomfortable for her.

I've skipped over the details of what happened in the room that night as Lucy has already been through this with Sarah previously from pages 587-590
OMG She's finally put some pants on!!! ;) I've just spent a lovely half hour going back to the point where she got her new arm and re-reading from there to remind myself of the story before catching up with this, and I have to say it's a really enthralling story, and so beautifully told. I would also have missed the additional pages explaining about the mindfold experiment if I hadn't, so I hope other readers are aware of those too.
@Linn: Probably too complicated for it's own good! :) Once Ron's story is told though, everything should be much clearer and we'll get to see what Sarah chooses to do about it. :)
@MichaelHartman: It's just a quirk of nature ;)
@kidcthulhu: Ron's grown on me a lot over the course of the story just purely because he's a simple fellow at heart with mostly good intentions but his temper does let him down at times!
@Linn: Hard to reply to this in detail but I will say I'm always interested in situations that become very messy because one or other people try to control events that are way too big for them to handle!
@Fruitbat44: Partly yes, although he has something else he's guilty of too which gives him good reason to feel bad.
@Lordcholmondleywarner: I doubt she will be very happy with her parents, for sure.
Just to clarify: Before Lucy was born, Ron had an affair with his bosses wife Catherine but when she discovered she was pregnant with Laura she decided to end the affair and let her husband believe it was his child to save her marriage. Ron knew nothing about this until she contacted him 8yrs later with a plea for him to adopt her daughter as she herself was dying of cancer.

As we discussed last page, the truth about who is Laura's real father still remains to be proven but for the time being Ron is happy to believe he is, despite the problems her arrival has caused. His wife Helen has her concerns about the truth but now she's aware that the girls have formed a more intimate relationship it's clear she has to rethink the possibilities!

Next week: As Ron avoids the situation, Helen takes steps to keep the girls apart!
I always love to see how comic artists evolve over the years and you're comic is one of the tops for that. The art is always consistently good but every now and then you have a sudden surge of expertise that takes you up another notch. The middle panel here is just excellent for so many reasons!
Hearing the words of a deceased parent in your head is pretty common I'd imagine but telling you to put a coat on as it's cold outside is wayyy creepy! lol She's got issues for sure but I hope her sanity isn't going to go into meltdown just as she finished polishing her gun so nicely! Great chapter ending though! :)
Beautiful page and it works so nicely too!! AS I scrolled down the page it did feel as though My gaze was dropping from the cieling to the floor for real. Especially lovely colouring on this page too.
This is starting to look pretty scary for Celia!!
Oooooh I feel an Orphan Black in outerspace is about to explode upon us! Gorgeous looking girls though and I love those helmets!