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And.. this is how you turn a 30 page script into 100 pages! ;)
Seriously though, as several people have commented before my art has always been heavily influenced by the movies and for part seven I wanted to do a more interesting title sequence than just a single cover so I planned a 5 page ‘title sequence’ just for the sheer fun of it and I thought I'd add the credits as we go like they often do now in the movies too. There are no credits on this page because wherever I thought of putting the text it just looked annoying! There is only me and Becky anyway so I'm choosing my spots carefully!!

As for the story, if you're starting to get the idea that this carriage is carrying someone pretty important, you'd be right! We have two new characters in part seven, one male, one female; one is bad and the other just plain annoying! We'll meet the other next week. :)

Have a nice week :)
@Fruitbat44: Hiiiiiii! First page and you're sliding off the rails already! lol It's not Ron tuning the piano, just some random tuning guy who has similar facial characteristics because I tend to draw all guys the same way. ;) But yea, the horse and carriage are in the past and the piano is in the present. It will become more obvious as we go though :)
@Dragonrider: It feels good to be back too! After so long away I quite expected no response at all for a while so this has been a lovely reaction to our first new update.
@MichaelHartman: Haha I actually have 8 pages drawn and inked up so I haven't been too idle. I didn't do anything before Christmas except enjoy the rest and then I spent about 6 weeks pondering and writing the new script before even starting the art. As I write, we have 8 other pages drawn and inked ready to be coloured as I wanted a good buffer for those days when I feel distracted by something else. Becky prefers to just colour as we go so being as we both felt ready again, here we are! :)
@Stephanie50: Thankyou :)
@kidcthulhu: Hehe Hopefully we will have a new page for you Saturday :)
@Fruitbat44: Stirring indeed my friend! Yes we're back and with renewed vigour on my part although Becky's health has not been so good lately so she's struggling a bit. Amazing to be 3 months into this New Year as well now already and I hope it's going well for you too my friend :)
@kidcthulhu: I think genius might be going too far lol but I do enjoying playing at this for sure and when you are left alone to play on your own for long enough it's amazing what tends to come out! :)
@shiro707: Hi Shiro and thanks for the lovely comment. We weren't gone completely just hibernating over the winter months so you have no reason to feel stupid!
@kidcthulhu: Haha Thankyou, it's lovely, I've just got to find somewhere to put it now. :)
Hi guys, we're back as I promised and I know it's been a while but I really needed a good long rest away from the comic to see what enthusiasm was left to finally finish it, and I think once we get going you'll see that it was worth it. I'd intended to do a summing up of about 30 pages to tie up all the loose ends, ever since I first realised that chapter six was badly over running but having had time to reflect upon the whole ten years this has been running I decided that my original ending deserved to be a bit more exciting than just a mopping up procedure, so as always with my writing I let my daydreams wander and ideas began to flourish and connect in exciting ways which then got me all excited about doing the art again. So what we have here for you now is something a little special for sure. Not just a 30 page wrap-up but something close to a 100 pages of additional story which will eventually take us to a right and proper end for the whole story.
For those of you who have read and enjoyed all of the previous six chapters of SS and supported us along the way, then this is for you and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

So....let the adventure continue ;)
I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but the first panel has a very powerful effect. Not only is it very clinical looking and devoid of warmth but the child looks overwhelmed by her surroundings in a similar way to when she was lost in the crowd. Lovely work!
I remember years ago when I was about 15 being on holiday with my parents and a neighbour mistook me for the opposite gender. My mother felt very indignant and corrected her but secretly I felt elated.
Hehe Dogs are often handy to have around when you feel alone. :)
The atmosphere you've created feels quite warm and safe to me and the blanket is a sign of their good intentions.
I had just the same experience when I was young but in my own country, and it was just as scary because I was surrounded by strangers and nobody seemed to take any notice until my mum found me. Apparently I'd stopped to look at a window display and none of my family realised and just carried on moving through the crowd without me.
And the horses slowly move in!! I love how you deal with your struggle to draw horses by actually cramming more on the page, that's determination! :)

..And I just realised I'm all caught up with the story now. Sooo... yea, I've had a really lovely morning catching up with this and please don't doubt your writing as it's been a wonderful read as well as enjoying the pleasure of your beautiful artwork!
I'm way beyond the coming out and dating parts of life now but I think it's so important that every new generation of LGBT have sources like this to tap into and the fresher the writing no doubt the easier it will be for todays kids to relate.

What I have always truly LOVED about amateur webcomics, right from the earliest days is that the writing is honest and personal to the writer and so easy to relate to as well. When I first read Patricia Grullon's 'Friction' I was overwhelmed by the idea of real life LGBT people using art and text to express how they felt in such an open and honest way and for many people today it's still one of the best ways to connect publicly but also in a very private way, and that relationship between the writer/artist and the reader will always be something really special.
Luca sounds nice, I'll try and remember that from now on if that's what you prefer. I've drawn a fair amount of horses for my own comic in the past but I've used a ref every single time because they really are such awkward animals to draw (Give me a cat any time!!) As Linn says tho, I could instantly tell these were horses too so they can't be that bad!
@Karlijn: Sorry to hear about your relationship breaking up, that always a tough time to get through, so my heart is with you. *hugggs*
Love that wall of drawings you showed in such detail in the second panel. It took me a couple of minutes to stop studying it and move on!
Haha It's an interesting perspective. Lesbians tend to go for a more boyish look as a statement about their orientation whereas most transgender women understandably seem more drawn to looking as female as they possibly can.