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'Never more alone than when in a crowd' is one of the most interesting expressions that has always fascinated me. I grew up in a family of three children and we shared a lot of the same interests in art, books, film and music etc but I always felt a desperate need to slide back into my own private fantasy world with imaginary games and writing or drawing made up stories.
I haven't really changed much over the years and though I crave companionship and fear being on my own for too long I also still cherish my ‘own’ time just as much as ever. I think all writers must be that way to some extent as it's very hard to slide into a make believe world when you are surrounded by people who may at any moment demand your attention when you are at a most thrilling point in your ‘daydream’. So for me personally that feeling of loneliness is never more acute than when attending a function where I felt obliged to attend but at the same time didn't want to go because I don't really know anybody there.
The same feeling can come from one's own friends though, just as Sarah is finding here, where a personal belief is mocked by the very people you hope to be more supportive or understanding.

Next week: Sarah begins to feel her friends disbelief is turning to ridicule!

Have a nice week ;)
@Guest: Okay ;)
@ohanyname!: My Grandparents lived in a large house called Carlingford which is where I took the name from, and I believe it was already named that when they moved there. In a name search I discovered that there were a large number of Carlingfords living in London in the 1800's who migrated away from the capital so it's most likely it was a Carlingford family that named my grandparents place.

In other news, as I've mentioned before, I decided to sever this last chapter into two parts as it was becoming increasingly too long as the pages progressed. I wanted this Lenore story wrapped up though and the chapter left at what I think could be considered a suitable ending of the whole thing. But for my own pleasure as much as anything else I'd like to still do the part I've axed off which was mainly a winding down covering the outcomes for all Sarah's friends, especially Nikki, and a more comfortable ending for Sarah herself.
@Fruitbat44: Haha This is no ordinary crow so I can afford to be a bit lenient with my art on that I think. It's good to be back too! I miss checking in to read the comments!
@kidcthulhu: Haha yea, digging isn't so much fun when you're not even expecting to find anything so I think Sarah's going to have a hard time getting any help with this! Hopefully someone will at least lend her a spade though :)
Hi guys we're finally back again and with just six pages to go now we can hopefully reach the end without any more hiccups, although Becky is having to finish the colouring in a way that's a little alien to her as she settles into her new computer.

Sooooo…..As you may recall: Sarah is convinced that the spirit of a long dead gypsy known only as Lenore has been trying to connect with her for some reason. An age old legend says that Lenore swore a curse upon Lord Carlingford after he ordered an arson attack on her caravan in which her only child died, just for parking on his grounds illegally. As a result, Lenore placed her curse and in response Carlingford attempted to thwart her by procuring two witch bottles as a defence against her revenge. Sarah is convinced that the scarecrow on the Carlingford estate still marks the spot which was originally that of the child's grave.

Next week: Sarah's finds her friends are less convinced!
@Fruitbat44: Another reader suggested the idea of the house being burnt to the ground and I must admit the thought had crossed my mind while writing the story but I've never given it much more thought since. :)
@kidcthulhu: Thanks! I will miss doing this creepy stuff! :)
Becky's computer went down in the middle of colouring this page which stopped us from publishing last week, and tomorrow Becky's getting married! :) So production could continue to be a little up and down over the next week but we're getting there!!

Meanwhile… Sarah is finally piecing history and legend together to work out what she believes Lenore wants from her and next page she'll have her answer.
Lucy thinks it's just a coincidence but Sarah's not convinced, believing instead that Lenore has sacrificed her favourite pet in a last desperate attempt to get what she wants from Sarah. Either way it's the last time we shall be seeing Mr Crow!
August 16th, 2018
@Linn: It would probably have been quite nice to have had them winding up Sarah about her 'ghost theory' too and her losing concentration as she became more and more steamed up! :)
August 14th, 2018
@Guest: I remember that. You were so enthusiastic about your art and the comic you were writing that it was a nasty turn of fate. Hope you are all well and good now though hon! :)
August 14th, 2018
@Lordcholmondlywarner: ;)
August 14th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: It certainly helps speed up her options. ;)
August 14th, 2018
@MichaelHartman: possibly... ;)
August 14th, 2018
@EleanorA: Wow, this is a lovely surprise! Good to see you again Eleanor :)
August 13th, 2018
Sorry it's late guys, I thought I'd uploaded the page on Saturday!!
@kidcthulhu: Haha A couple of people on The Duck were saying the same thing. I know I've been guilty of it in the past too as I'm a terrible daydreamer!
@shiro707: Yup there's more to come yet! And thanks for the lovely compliment :)
@Fruitbat44: I don't know, why should Carlingford seem so sinister to you, it's just a house. Maybe it's that rather ominous round window that looks a bit like an eyeball! :)