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@Fruitbat44: Thanks, I'll have to change that. It's clear that I don't go to the theatre enough or I'd have known that! :)
@MichaelHartman: It seems silly to me to keep uploading to two sites every week and the comic is virtually dead here now anyway but if you want to continue following you can catch it here:
Congratulations on reaching graduation it must feel lovely to know all that hard work has paid off at long last.

The mirror shots are nice and make interesting panels too. It must have felt like you were drawing each of those panels twice though while doing the art!
I've always had a naturally curious nature so if I meet somebody whose life is different to mine I'm always very keen to see life from their perspective but the one thing that often holds me back is wondering how sensitive they are in discussing it. I normally wait for them to bring up the subject themselves because that way I know they must be willing to talk about it.
One thing I always love about comics like yours is that when they are on a subject close to the authors heart their own emotions exude into the artwork giving each page that much more additional atmosphere. It shows very beautifully in your use of colour and your choice of imagery especially. The middle panel alone on this page feels very symbolic, with two sensitive and vulnerable creatures connecting together within the embrace of another part of the natural world, that of a very large strong looking tree which in itself seems intimidated by the cold and uncaring world of steel and glass that surrounds them all; a place also notably devoid of other humans. To me that's Nature vs Man which comes across before I've even laid my eyes on the text. Similarly the distant image of two people caught in a loving embrace in the last panel is also clearly meaningful and perhaps somewhat suggestive also that they are on the other side of that glass/steel wall. Am I overthinking this? Maybe, but then that's really what good art is all about.
@someone_else: That's a very good point and I think you've probably hit the nail right on the head too. I've been on social sites where males are very openly aggressive about what they call 'fake women' and it's obvious that it's because they are either looking for a sexual relationship or sexual pleasure of some kind. In comparison I've never ONCE come across a female member complaining about the same thing or suggesting men they have been talking to are fake men. :)
Sarah's daydreaming as you can see, takes us back to the last page of chapter six where Janey turns up on the doorstep and next week we'll follow the girls as they plan their first dig and catch up with each other.

Have a nice week :)
I'm always interested in female to male trans people because it so often seems that the vast majority are male to female, and though I suppose on the face of it there is no real difference it does feel to me that the attitude to 'real women' must still affect you guys too but I'd imagine in a different way because our culture seems to idolise women as being more of a focal point.

and... I just realised I caught up! When I came on this morning I mistakenly thought there was a whole chapter I'd missed so I've just made tea and toast to continue and discovered I'm on the latest page anyway!
Lovely first meeting. :)
He seems very chilled now though :)
She's truly arrived now she has her first kitty kat!
Your colour gives so much to this comic, I'm in awe of your talent.
Very sad page but beautifully handled. I love that top panel especially, the figure compositions and layout are just perfect.
I'm an adult now of course but it still gets me when I see adults set such bad examples to children but use this 'I'm an adult so I deserve more respect' routine. Lovely expressions btw!
@Luca+: Most of the time I enjoy drawing background art more than the figures as I love having new things to draw but if two people are in the same place too long it can start to feel pretty claustrophobic!
@kidcthulhu: I'm glad too. :) The original summing up seemed too boring without a bit of mystery thrown in and it certainly makes doing the art more fun.
This is the last page of the introductory/ credit/ title sequence and next week our story begins properly as we join Sarah and Nikki inside for the final performance!

Have a nice week;)
@MichaelHartman: I'm afraid it still is!
@Dragonrider: Quite right! Unfortunately though she doesn't seem to be present.
@Linn: Haha In my younger days, my one fear of going to the cinema was that somebody tall would sit in front of me and obscure my vision or sit beside me and talk to their friend all through the film.