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@Fruitbat44: That's very true. She's a bit on edge though I think as nothing she sees or hears seems to deny Laura is alive. :)
The story so far:
Sarah met and fell in love with a girl called Lucy and was led to believe that her previous girlfriend, Laura, who suffered from epilepsy had died from a grand mal seizure brought on by acute stress and shock while trying to contact her deceased mother using an Ouija board.
However, recent events have led Sarah to believe that Laura may in fact still be alive but not knowing what has been going on or why she has been lied to, she is now following all the leads she can think of to quietly find out the truth..

Next week: Sarah faces the dilemma of how far to pursue her investigation, who is involved in the fabrication, and why?

Have a nice week :)
@Fruitbat44: Haha I love it! ;)
@Fruitbat44: It always bowls me over when one of you guys refers to a small detail in a page posted so long ago, you must have a super memory! You're quite right though and I can't comment on it at this stage as it's tricky but hold that thought as it will all (hopefully!) make much more sense once you've read the next four pages.
@Linn: Haha It was just a joke originally but with all the Ouija board stuff going on I can see it does tend to imply the girls were more involved with the occult than they actually were. Love the new avatar btw!! :)
@kidcthulhu: OMG That's horrendous! What happens if they still refuse to pay, do they leave them in a box until the money turns up?
@MichaelHartman: Maybe she's afraid Jenny might get too involved, after all it was Jenny's eagerness to find out what Sarah's landlady was up to that lost her the room she was renting just before she came to Carlingford.
This stuff about the plaque is quite true btw, when my brother died some 7 years ago now my parents struggled to find the funeral costs and decided to pay for a small plaque later on, but when they asked a few months later they were told it was too late as they should have done it at the time! I'm not sure if things have changed or not now but I have discovered the fee paid for one is renewable every 5 years anyway and it's not cheap!
I imagine Sarah could do a search through a site that holds the sort of information she needs but often they charge too and she would still have the problem of finding the right person out of many with the same name so I felt it best to let her try the easiest option first.

sooooo….for now it's back to Nikki's to get that number and make the call. Find out how she gets on next week. ;)
I just noticed while answering last weeks comments that this is actually the 600th page! I've often wondered how many pages I've turned out over the years and we have been going for seven years now so that's quite a turnout!

Next week: Sarah hopes that seeing Laura's grave will put her mind at rest, but will it?
@Karlijn: Yea, this is one of those pages where there is no substantial evidence to prove Sarah right or wrong. We'll be getting back to Laura again next page as she is clearly the greater dilemma for Sarah and Lenores presence will just creep in here and there still as we focus on that.
@Linn: I believe you do be right! It doesn't really matter though as it's the fact it was a child that's the important point here regardless of age or gender. Impressive memory though as even I'd forgeotten that!! :)
@Fruitbat44: I'm hoping by the end you'll all have the same feeling, that what you've read makes sense but at the same time could just be a fanciful imagination. Everything has an explanation though which shouldnt leave any questions unanswered.
@kidcthulhu: Haha yea, I couldn't resist :)
@Lordcholmondleywarner: Haha It's a nice idea.
Sarah prefers to dismiss the idea of Laura being alive for the moment but it has at least made her question who really is haunting Carlingford and why!

Next week: Sarah finds it hard to shake off the idea of Laura still being alive and decides she needs some kind of proof either way!
That first panel is excellent and I love how you always emphasise the perspective on those by having a large foreground figure or prop, it's very effective.
Love the pun too! :) Eerily though I stumbled on another comic yesterday in an idle moment which had a similar joke about a book on Helium with the punchline 'It was hard to put down!' What are the chances!!
haha Love the play on sliding doors, it's something I've never considered before. They also deny one the possibility of making a dramatic exit by slamming the door on the way out! I guess you could grab the edges with both hands and force it down sharply but it might trap ones hands or feet in the process.
Congratulations Linn! It is amazing how much you can improve in a single year and your art is so professional now it's wonderful to see how far you have come.
I just finished remarking on how well you handle group scenes and then turn the page to see you've done this little masterpiece! Beautiful art all over though and I love this focus on Blaze.