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M & Rose
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    Morgan George
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I know I'm being nosey by asking this, Buuuut....
When do you think the next comic page is going to be uploaded? I just want to know specifically. Because for me, it was posted around 3AM due to me living in Australlia.
@Dusk Plush Gang:
I feel your pain.
That's why I just don't go
So simple
It's been so long...
What the hell have I been doing? Why have I not been reading this?!? Brain = Dumb

Also, PinkEevee, I absolutely love the Pic of Rose. I'm so glad I stuffed DA points into your face...
Okay. The guests are gone for a week, but the Rp for being ready for the guests has began. I'm trying to resist my urges to Rp.

What is worse to you in comment section, Pink Eevee?:
Or Guests
*Sips wine*
True story
*Realises that this is technically roleplaying, and stays out of it*
Doll houses. What's with people and doll houses, anyway? Plushies are all you need!
@Blitz Striker:
Doesn't explain much, but I think I get it.
Oliver needs to get his head out of the gutter...
...and into the frying pan!
*Epic sunglasses*

I'm so sorry
What the Gello is Yaoi?
...Now I want Jelly...
@Zappy the Raichu:
Actually, I think Sylveon is more like a Bunny + Fox/Dog Hybrid. And I'm gonna say yes to the Espeon the Cat! Mostly because of Blaze
That frown on Panel...*Quickly scrolls up* 7 Still cracks me up.

Keep on doing what you do best, pink-evening.
...I should stop. I'm becoming the Spookwagen of this comment section.

And finally! Someone's watched that video!
Use Steam or Skype. They're good instant messeging thingies todo Rp's with.
Thanks for giving me more proof on why not to watch it! Now I shall keep my innocence longer!
I'm sorry, but I dibs-ed it last comic. *Pats on head* Sorry!

Edit: The reason I dibs-ed it was because I was not gonna wake up at 2am (In the morning) just to say second on a comic.
@Guest: The real question is actually why anyone is talking about this. Especially how Gay actually means happy. But of course, people had to change that.

Still, Gay topics. Comments are really going down hill. Pinks, back me up?

I call dibs on Second!

All this talk about getting First Comment is getting me annoyed. Why? It's about 2 hours away from when PinkEevee is gonna post. And it's 2:07PM. I'm going to bed in a sec. So, I'm just gonna reserve and call shotgun on second, alright pinks?

I think I'm late to the comic.

I have no beef with guests. I personally don't mind 'em. Though seeing so many people with no avatar is weird to me.

Ah, damn. *sweeps M and Rose away* I'm sorry guys but the jig is up! It could never last forever. I'm an Rp-er myself and my instincts kicked in and started having a bit of fun. Sorry Pinks (Can I call you that?). I will refrain myself from Rp-ing