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A lazy pharmacy student trying to not work.
Probably an alien too.

(Previously BAMchick96)
I wanted a new start on this site to save me from some of the bone crushing nostalgia :)
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Omg Josephs face xD I him so much<3
April 9th, 2016
oh! Does that mean all the people that have been experimented on can see something??
@TomoDatDorkHiro: Hi! It's not a rude question at all:) Many people actually wonder.

So to answer the first question, the hijab is a representation of modesty. My mother wears a hijab where as I don't. She says she started because she felt that spiritually it was something she wanted to do. While I am muslim as well, i don't wear a hijab but I also dont wear very form fitting clothes or show skin other than my hands face and neck. To me, that amount of modesty is enough. It's more about how modest you are than about whether or not you wear a hijab. I know many people that wear hijabs but then wear form fitting clothes and show lots of skin. It pretty much defeats the purpose of hijab in my pov.

For your second question, while homosexuality is considered a sin (or perversion) in islam (as well as many other religions such as christianity), I my self don't exactly mind it. I have a few friends who are homosexual or bisexual or asexual. I also have may interactions with them. I think it's just become something more normal to me.

Hope that answered your questions^^
wow~ The backgrounds are looking great!