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Artist-Writer-RP'er- and all around creative person. I love DA, horses, YA fiction and have a ridiculous amount of sass trapped in my body longing to get out at the worst times.
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Oh, man were those uniforms bad, especially on female Inquisitors. They looked like cheap costume store Nutcracker outfits, that fit like a potato sack. Except on the male Qunari Inquisitors, that was the only character type the uniform actually fit and looked decent on. Why, why did we all show up wearing the same outfit to a formal party where no other faction is in uniform?
Yeah the red lyrium related stuff seemed half baked at best. You'd think that you'd need one of the mages to neutralize it, but nope, just give it the old punchy punchy and you're good to go ;)
This happens to me all the time! The worst was when I went back to do a playthrough of DA 2 after having played Inquisition non stop for months- I had no idea how to play anymore