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I think I'm the only one here who think that Momo shouldn't let Kuro continue this. First of all, he is not really sure whether he likes Kuro and he is only going through this to teach Kuro a lesson. So either he should figure out his feelings first or he should come clean with Kuro. Honestly, there is a part of me that wants Kuro to be punished. He was a asshole to Momo all along and he even made Momo do something cruel to that girl by making him lift up her skirt.
To me, it would seem like Kuro is getting an easy way out of this. And I just want him to know the severity of his actions.
Also, I feel like if Momo allowed him to move further it could turn into a mistake?
Kuro loves him but he would get hurt? But he deserves some punishment? But maybe not over this? Idk. I just want Momo to think carefully before moving forward~
Well, this is just my opinion.
Oh my god, I think I just melted away. This is my fav page so far too <3
Oh my god, she is just so gorgeous <3
June 6th, 2016
The last line makes me think that something bad is about to happen :(
Oh, he so deserved this!!
Omg! This page killed me!! So hot!! That majin bu is lucky to witness this xD
Yeah, he's homo for Momo xD
He looks so damn pretty in the middle panel. Gorgeous...
OMG!! The No homo moment killed me xD Epic xD
March 22nd, 2016
His embarrassment is so cute xD
@spiderwoman: Don't think so. Its kinda early for them, I guess...
Surprise buttsex!! xD That's all I thought of when I saw this pic...
About time the shit got real!
under the table...
Non jizzy pants?! xD How romantic! :D
Last panel so pretty! <3 And that hickey doe.... :D
That image of Dragosh which popped up in his fucking adorable! xD
I know this is a serious convo...but I laughed kinda hard. But I'm happy that Gannet opened up to him :)
@Soen Kai: Ah, thank you. I thought it was that. Its just I didn't read Vol .2 which was summarized but I didn't find where to read it or something like that...
Forgive my ignorance, but what are they talking about?