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Zed Di Dragon
So... I obviously spend much time on my comic. And play games, don't forget them games.
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    Tony Alexander Sæle
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I'm glad to see she has her prioritites straight.

Tacos > Everything
Has there ever been friendly ghosts on a ship?
I don't feel so good. Can't muster the energy to make anything more complicated than a subtitled picture for now.
Your paper-drawings are bitching. I like Hendrick already.
Unless, of course, he can offer him a cold six-pack. Then they'll talk.
Pssh, softs can be bought in every town ever for 500 gil. She's not too bright, is she?
You know, I just noticed how incredibly detailed your comic is. All the varied lighting, the little stripy details on the woodwork and the frills on the pillows. It's pretty damn amazing, really, and makes me think you have a time-compression device for managing to crank these out three times a week.

And yet, I what I liked the best was that basic photoshop mist. It's pretty.
<img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">

I hate animated gifs, I really do. And yet, I sometimes get the urge to make a silly one every once in a while. Besides, it gives a good sense of being trapped forever, doesn't it?
I put less effort than I usually do lately in today's graphics. I'm not sure it shows.

Day 3-ish of having a Wii:

I am making excessive sexual innuendos about the Wii sounding like it is a penis in IM-chats. I'm more occupied with soaking all the useless information I can about the Wiimote and it's workings and how I can use it for unintended purposes like opening doors rather than working on my webcomic.
It's only lethal because it's a Mario coin. They're gigantic.
I put more effort than I usually do lately in today's graphics. I'm not sure it shows.

By the time you're reading this I've bought myself a Wii, and I'm possibly playing Twilight Princess about now, or Metroid Prime 3 which is the real reason I bought the thing. Anyways, I'm hoping this won't affect the updates; Knowing me, it most likely will.

I'll try for it to not.

Edit: Day 1 of having a Wii -
I've discovered that I don't own a TeleVision. Will someone for the sake of humanity beat me to death? Or at least send me a 40" TV?
Foreseeing the Hyperlink Engine makes you awesome in my book. You and the four other dudes and/or gals you're talking about.
Yes, I put our hero in serious predicament just so I could use a pun comparing hyperdrive engines to Internet hyperlinks.
Heh, McStalin.

You can't really blame Olag for wanting a girl he can relieve his pressure with, is what I say.

Consider yourself faved.
You might think I'm making a commentary on evangelists or Christianity in general, but you'd be wrong: After all, these preachers are correct in their statements.

Mostly, at least.
That's gotta be one mighty impressive face.
Me neither. Is he evolving? Maybe they should press the B-button to cancel it.
The final panel (shown in white behind the bigass fake popup) was supposed to contain the popup message, but the text got unreadable and I felt it needed to be bigger so I got a bit carried away and here's the end result.

Can you believe I had a hard time finding a popup while actively searching for it?
Partially Clips is pretty damn awesome. If you like static comics with tubular dialogue, you should give this groovy comic a look.

If you enjoy rad writing but need more fancyful graphics, you could check out Balder's other comic, Erfworld.