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Sorry Starlight, I'm feeling a bit...Rebellious...right now.
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@M-24: starting to seem like it :/
it's the string of jeeeeesus
blanket fort!!!!!
wow, way to give it away with the "oh shit" face dude
saying "it's nothing" always makes people panic more than giving them an actual explanation lol
dude looks like a phoenix wright villain
Second Page!!
the colored specks I realize aren't very telling of a city, but that is what it's supposed to be. sorry!!
This took way too long...
Here is the first page!! I would post more today, but I wasted *way* too much time on this house. More to come sometime this week/end!!
Here He Is!!!
Here's my boy!!! I had to edit it a little for here, since the signature on it was for my deviantART account, under ginger--ale, and I kinda sorta don't want people to think I stole something I worked. **VERY** hard on. So, here is the now "correctly signed" reference for Rei (my baby). Ignore that lil bottom corner, 'tis for later events (heheh).
emo scar boy ends up being super adorable. of course.
for a sec i thought he was grabbin the dude's nipple in his sleep
he looks so dead inside

much like i was during finals lol
-that face

bby very confuse
that silhouette better punch this guy in the teeth
a good father-son relationship? in MY favorite webcomic?? more likely than you think
thank the gods she is alive. i thought big cat lady killed her
this must be even weirder to a drunk guy
well this probably wasn't a smart thing to do
i diagnose him with gay
kim's gonna come down ans kick some boy BUTT. especially kylee's lol