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Starlight is my current project and, even with my bad art, will hopefully sprout into my pride and joy in the entirety of my portfolio. Thanks for reading!
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bad image source?? help
pickpocket, i assume
can't you hold off the creepy touchy thing til he at least brushes his teeth? i don't think he like to be interrupted
bad image source!!!! oh no!!!!! reflection?

or he doesn't like looking at reflection??
somebody craves attention, it seems
same dude

the different font is still there, meaning he's speaking in his own language.

Which means Drew's not understanding anything the dude's saying at all.

Great job with your communication skills, Commander Nova.
@dmr11: i don't think the people in charge will care all that much about how many more he did, just the fact that he admitted he did them will make them increase the sentence.
June 26th, 2018
me too, dude
sass boi

gonna regret that later
he looks very uncomfy rn
page still has no image!!!!
oh no!!!
a nice look into the time of B.F.

(before freckles)
moving out, possibly?

good for him! get away from bad mom right away!
thhis made me spit out my coffee gdi
adrian's gay ass gonna break those rules by accident somehow i can see it
I'm Back!
My tablet pen is no longer in disrepair, so I can do pages again! I'll try to keep updating every weekend from now on, hopefully without problems.
...why does he look so mildly guilty?