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Starlight is my current project and, even with my bad art, will hopefully sprout into my pride and joy in the entirety of my portfolio. Thanks for reading!
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love the sassy hair flip
@BertinDoutnik: i mean, it is the most dramatic way to end a phone call
good boy, go do something about those stuck up rich people!

(especially the guy with the scarf/jacket around his neck, he looks like that one 50-ish tennis player guy who won one tournament and brags about it to literally everyone he runs into at the supermarket including the employees who can't do anything or they'll be fired cause SURPRISE he's also their boss)
Finally, I have a semi-firm storyboard for this comic! Now I can actually do things with this!! Stay tuned for slightly horrendous story structure and mildly ongoing story plot.
now we get to the reeeeeeaaal good stuff
December 15th, 2017
is that a c++ book i spy?

so he got his hacker skills from his mom?
i love the art style sooooo much

can't wait for the eerie stuff to happen
ummmm... is the image not here or is my computer just bad
"diseased carrot"

holy shit that's amazing

the carrot gonna be angry in the next one omg

somthin bads gonna happen and i am terrified of what its gonna be
he done did it he fell for the both of em
more important question: what beep for
some lady did this to me when i passed by her Jesus Stand (TM) and she was yelling stuff about how 'the devil's gonna curse your future family' if i didn't at least stop by her little booth

people like that are just...why
October 1st, 2017
aaaaand now, for things to start getting to the bad bad part of this story
September 30th, 2017
i love how normal they've gotten over only probably a week to 2 weeks worth of interactions lol
of course he feels bad now, just look at him panicking lol
September 29th, 2017
we're either going to have a horrifying flashback from Callipus's past or we're going to go to a scene where he wakes up somewhere else

either way, excited and terrified -- especially for the first option
September 19th, 2017
punch him punch him punch him punch him punch him punch him punch him PUNCH HIM DEAR GOD IF I HAD TO WATCH THIS BEAUTIFUL MAN CRY I WOULD DECK THOSE STUPIDS RIGHT IN THE TEETH