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I have given up trying to have an upload goal. Life gets in the way of everything. Here is the first part of a 3 part spread on Jack the Giant Killer. Enjoy the cheese. ^_^
Yes! The day has finally arrived! I have updates! ^_^ If anyone is still reading this, thank you so much for being patient. Being a college student can take up so much of one's brain that it is amazing it still functions during the summer. This summer I am even taking an online class. But I vowed to myself and whatever loyal fans I may have that I would update this comic this summer no matter what. I'm going to build up a cache of pages so that I can manage a regularly scheduled update. Hopefully my material will be just as entertaining as it previously was.
Wow. I have sorely neglected this poor comic. Well, one of my New Year's resolutions was to get back into doing this more often. My homework is not so pressing that I can't take a few hours away from Facebook to work on some comic strips once a week. ^_^ I know that sentence didn't really make sense but I've been thinking in German today (had my midterm test) so it is quite unavoidable. ^_^ My spring break is next week and I will have a strip up if it kills me. ^_^ In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this picture of my darling, Alzeid.
That would be the most awesome manga ever: Dazzle by Minari Endoh. It is my number one fave because it has absolutely everything. Adventure, mystery, fashion, magic, fighting, friendship, humor, randomness, even some sci-fi. Oh, and fanservice for everyone. ^_^
I'm finally getting to something new. ^_^

These will be short little things, but hopefully a long story soon. Tell me what you would like to see.
I may have some official voting options by the end of nest week, but viewer input is greatly appreciated.
Hey everybody (being the four people who read this comic). So sorry for taking so long to post up more pages. I have the pics but putting in the words takes time and I've gotten a second job so free time has been less. I will try my very best to be on to a new story by the end of the month.

Speaking of which, what would y'all like to see? A new story that I write myself or another retelling of a famous fairy tale? You decide.
This was a test of my camera's self timer. The only thing I like about this pic is the cool reflection.
She and her daughter were the nicest neighbors anybody could ask for. And I bought the coolest earrings from them. ^_^ They were made from pins, but instead of a pin back they had holes with earring hooks attached.
Back in the living room, while no one is watching, a little dance takes place. ^_^
Sally may be sweet, but she's a good foil for the other characters.

Madison is very cool. ^_^
I like that chandelier too. <3
LoL. ^_^ "Huh? Everyone loves nuts." That was a good one. ^_^
=O A fruit cake with peanuts? ^_^ Love her face though.
The "hmmm I wonder" could be a mysterious closet that leads somewhere else, kind of like The Lost Room. ^_^

And, while it may not be the most detailed floor-plan, it is very clear and understandable.
Lol. That was a great chat log. ^_^ I hope the audience gets to find out who 3173 is soon.

I wonder if anyone will get the 3173 reference.
Wow. Do I wanna ask what he's doing? ^_^

Good perspective, by the way, in the first panel.
This was actually the house from Madeleine. ^_^
Ooh!!! Lookit all the pretty colors. ^_^
This pic was taken by my friend while I was out of the room. She loves to mess with me. ^_^
Gomennasai!! So sorry for missing a week again. I'm trying to reorder my house and my life, but it's slow going. I was also recovering from con. I will have the con report pix up hopefully by next week. This being National Write a Novel Month, I am trying to write more of a novel I started so I don't think I will be posting any more frequently this month. But rest assured that when I do post it will be a big dump of pages. ^_^

And the Rapunzel story has come to an end.