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That is my account with my comics and stuff..... so if ya'll like my stuff please go check it out >w<
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thank you~~!!!
ands I hope ta see one of your art pieces ^w^
I WAS BORED OKAY!!! and woots no school hehe i blinded my poor characters AND OMIGAWD I MIGHT BE BLINDIN YA'LL!!! -covers ya'lls eyes just in case-
lol sorry imma dork ^^;
that looks adorables~<3
hehe Kalub and Nicky are goin camping wooo~<3
Kalub is the shorter boy~
and heres some of their story:
Kalub and Nicky finally decided to be together~ so then Kalub invited Nicky to go camping with him and his mom and her girlfriend. This is supposed to be where they are puttin their stuff in their tent and Viv (Kalub's mom) takes a pic of them!

and omigawds it feels like forever since i posted somethin here lol
stupid school killin me rofl
I was watching Aladdin and just had to draw my baby Arashi as Jasmine~~~!!! hope ya'll like
now i must go and do homework *grumbles*
>//w//< thankies
*mega glomps of happy love*
you deserve a plate of cookies for saying that and making me smile ^O^
*has been doing home work for 8 hours* ;3;
doing mirrors be hard!
first attempt on the comp with mirrors >.>
and i was tryin a bit different style.... sorta... i like it kinda... but i might stick with my old style its easier
now back to my homework ;3;
aws its so adorable!!
its an extremely awesomeness picture
the shading be fantastic! well everything is really great but the shading is just... wow \^O^/
Hehe I wanted to make DJ cuter than before... and yay! im learning how to color better XD
and yay im getting out of my depression~~!!!!
i will be totally out of it on the 24th >w<
freaking......... AMAZING!!!
i dont even dare to do overhead shots ^^' they scare me rofl
but that looks great! ^w^
that looks way awesomeness!
the bird is way good! The wings look lovely
aw! thats so cute >w<
hehe i draw the weirdest stuff during my classes ^^'''''
this is for the comic me and Mika_yi made ^w^
hehe this is Kyo theo's older bro.
i dont draw him enough so i was like hey! there needs to be more pictures of these two!
that looks very lovely~~!!!!
i want like 1/3 of your inkin skillz i cant ink worth a crap
but still... lovely job well done~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!
hehe tamu and theo they be so cute >w<
and i worked hard on this pic~! so i hope ya'll like it
that is awesomeness!!!!!!
i wish i could draw like that!!!!
all those small details and stuff >w<
hehe this is for the new theme to Hott
and I posted it up for Alder since she didnt get to see it before she left to go hang out
hope ya'll like it
*runs and hides*
personal space needed ROFL
love the pic it looks gewd >w<
im so freaking happy with this picture i unusally had alot of time on my hands when i was doin this drawing.... the rain was the hardest cause i was experimenting.