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pillar of pepper
New Page! Also some info on update schedule / streaming
Hey y'all! Here's next page, featuring Dara's electronic fox Cupcake who also kinda swears a lot lmao

//and btw so! I'm still figuring out my update schedule as you can tell by the date of this page, heh. I'm hoping for 1-2 pages each week on Sundays. I'll comment on next pages or in a news post if that changes. Btw you can check out me streaming the comic at and I'll soon have a consistent date to stop by and check stream. For now you can follow new page updates and stream updates on my Twitter @jrochfo.

Thx y'all!
Hello. I wasn't very happy with how I began drawing the main characters of this story. It really took me out of this story and that happened around the same time as school starting again. So I'm going to redo some pages and get back to it feeling more content with the style.

- J
@wolfknight: Hey thanks! That's nice to hear.