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Ian Evans
"Yeah, I jumped off a cliff, but let's talk about something else." -Elliot Smith
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    Ian Evans
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wait, what if he needed the gold for something other than wealth? I wonder...
moar flashbacks plz
@Mundius: Sorry W R O N G C H A T

you've opened up a huge can of worms by summoning me here ozzy mundius
@Mushroom Flabs: dude if you look at the main site page it is filled FLINTSTONE VITAMINS comments
@Ian Evans: but the jokes on me cause I like sucky comix and I like sucking comix I'll suck your comix for like 50 bucks
@Mushroom Flabs: well I saw this comic first but didn't read it cause it looked like it sucked
@Mundius: It's ok, it's just an East of Eden homage
@J.T.Hoff: There are distinct differences... but sometimes it is fun to guess at artist influences :)
@artofjoe: That dern kelso...
@Ian Evans: kinda reminds me of hollow bastion in KH
@artofjoe: I know what foil is. And also this is how the romans built the coliseum.
Ian Evans
July 21st, 2019
@CelestialFox: superman homage
Ian Evans
July 21st, 2019
Your art style is very easy on the eyes, I love it