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Ian Evans
"Yeah, I jumped off a cliff, but let's talk about something else." -Elliot Smith
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    Ian Evans
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@artofjoe: I've always hated Disney, you aren't alone
Brick throwing skills

I don't know what you did but the art is a really good improvement from your previous style
Ian Evans
September 21st, 2018
Today's my last day of work, then a nice long road trip, then..... ????????????
Ian Evans
September 21st, 2018
@Mushroom Flabs: ur mum is homo
Ian Evans
September 21st, 2018
@artofjoe: not as gross as shinji feels
@artofjoe: I was about to say the same thing
Oh hey, it got reviewed. Thank you! That was some of the most constructive criticism and it is very inspiring to me. I really appreciate it and I will seek to improve. Hopefully if you guys are still around by the time I finish more comics I will submit more.
Garbage comment section
Fair and Balanced
I'm digging all this hate
Ian Evans
September 17th, 2018
Thanks for the fap material
This is just plagiarizing my comic now.
@Garchomp joe ;D.: it's your funeral for your coolness
Can a brotha get a review on a short and completed comic?
@Mushroom Flabs: If you wait long enough all will be revealed...