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Ian Evans
"Yeah, I jumped off a cliff, but let's talk about something else." -Elliot Smith
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    Ian Evans
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@artofjoe: you can put references anywhere my friend. But I was mainly thinking when Reiner and his buddies are trapped in that tower
@artofjoe: and that is a cowboy bebop reference
oh shoot your fans haven't gotten past this... well I hope they like surprises
also you missed some good opportunities for AoT S2 references here
Um I've been meaning to ask this for a while... but is crate a girl?
in all honesty, knowing what I know, this one page of flashback alone probably has the biggest insights of the whole work
I wish I could draw like thiis
now we know who was flickering the lights
@Ian Evans: I agree
Good news guys, they figured out how to kill zombies! This is a big step for our main characters.
@Mushroom Flabs: that's not how dial-up works man. 2019 called, they want their millennials back
@Mushroom Flabs: I was being edgy back in 2006, get on my level
I've spent so long looking at the edited and redrawn versions that this looked foreign to me for once
@artofjoe: I couldn't remember
What is more mature, thinking about girls, or thinking about food?
@artofjoe: I heard thumbs up meant don't kill and thumbs up meant finish him. But I don't even remember who told me that. I think it works better to put a thumbs down here because this isn't a realistic or historic work so it's better to just stick with contemporary culture
that last panel sums up crate pretty well
@artofjoe: have you even seen that?
@artofjoe: gotta pay attention to chapter 1