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"Yeah, I jumped off a cliff, but let's talk about something else." -Elliot Smith
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Can a brotha get a review on a short and completed comic?
@Mushroom Flabs: If you wait long enough all will be revealed...
Ian Evans
August 10th, 2018
There should be a spinoff about dascot
@awsmith: it's good
Dreams really do come true, such a wholesome message
Called his bluff folks
@artofjoe: I can't even
@TheJGamer: spoilers, he was actually trying to die the whole time
So I will kind of be MIA for the next couple weeks because my wedding is coming up and I have to run a lot of errands. Then there is the honeymoon. Then my band is playing a big Musical Festival. After all that I should be able to step back in the ring and continue working on this. I started reading "As I lay Dying" and "Catch 22" among other things and my inspiration levels are on the brink of greatness. So keep sticking with me. I love you guys and hopefully I'll be back and a little more active in a few months time.
What a bold thing to say when facing down the barrels of a guns
@artofjoe: idk, the radish head seems like an improvement to me, that’s a pretty ugly baby
I did all that YouTube slomo stuff for nothing?!?!?
That Rogaine coming in clutch
Adventures in Sexual Harassment
a classic image
Whoah, that guy just got Shcindler's Listed.