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I think maybe I'm just partly yellow and partly the type that doesn't give much of a damn if they lose their gloves.
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Some of you may be wondering, why the extra update? Well past couple weeks I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from you guys, and I just really wanted to say thank you. I know posting an extra page isn't much of a thank you, but I've been on smack jeeves for a decent amount of time now, and when I think about how far things have come for me as an artist(which, I'll be honest, isn't far)and all the different comics I've seen, and all the comments I've seen, and I have to be honest: I have the greatest fans of all time. I've seen a lot of people say that, but I feel like that's because they just have a lot of fans. When I think about our small group of fans, I've pm'ed most of you guys. I read your comics. I feel like to some extent I know you guys, or at least I know your guys' art which I think a person's art reveals a lot about who they are, and how they view the world. I feel honored to have the little group I have. When you guys comment on my stuff, I truly feel like I am discussing things with my equals (even though sometimes I can sound like a sarcastic prick). It's really helped me to stay motivated and I hope everyone keeps sticking with their comics as well, and continue leaving good comments. It pisses me off when I see people leave overly negative comments on people's work that they poured their heart and soul in. The Psychodessey has a long, long, long way to go, and I hope everyone sticks it out with me to the end. I'm getting close to finishing the 5th chapter which I started last year. It seems like there have been so many obstacles, so many reasons to quit or give up, but I keep hoping there is a chance that everyone who reads this will find a little something they needed to help them through life. I mean, not really in this chapter, but we'll get there when we get there. Thank you guys so much, and I'm sorry for the excessive comment, but it won't happen often so enjoy it while it lasts. You guys are the best.
ok, that second panel might by my favorite in the whole chapter, it always makes me laugh.
@Starmanfan: bro how did you even notice? Actually, how did I not think to do that? That would have been so much easier
ha ... haha... "SLASH" I see what you did there
@artofjoe: eh, story of my life. Which is why I bought a second Xbox
@pongldr: I'm still working my way through the Gainax stuff. I finished Evangelion but now I need to watch Gurren Lagan
@pongldr: For real? It's probably somewhere between 2nd and 3rd favorite for me depending on the day, but I LOVE me some kill la kill
@artofjoe: I played it all the way through with a friend, but I don't think I'd ever play it by myself
Still not much yet, but at least I'm updating again.
N A N I ? !
@artofjoe: chimera, from the ps3 game I can never remember the name of
I bet he's really starting to rethink his whole "getting big" strategy right about now.
Ryuko chan.... <3
@artofjoe: dang you have a good eye. I don't think I drew the smokers but I can't remember. There are a few more that will be revealed later, and I'll reveal how the young couple dies if anyone can guess their allusion. Big hint, it is an from the same thing that something else has already been identified from in this chapter...
@TheGreenShyGuy: I've never seen that. But if you guys wanna know a secret, Duane is actually the main character of something else...
@artofjoe: aw well now I just have to get in this.
@TheJGamer: I really did mix up my comics. It happens pretty often but I usually catch it within the first minute or so
I kinda did a cop out here, but so did the original anime like everytime meowth had any screen time