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September 8th, 2019
Poe's Mum?
No-one dies
At least no-one is going to die. LOL
Jupiter's name
@Zimeta08: I've assumed that it's Jupiter's original name, which Earthlings corrupted to 'Jupiter' - something more familiar and kinda similar-sounding.
November 20th, 2018
Is this from when his mother was murdered?
Translation, please
What does the German phrase mean?
@man in black: more like 'no survivors left to sue'...
Famous last words
Itzak, don't you realise Pearlie will be more successful than you can ever hope to be? LOL
Just as ruthless
I'd say grandpa is just as ruthless as Kal. My odds are on both killing each other, or Kal killing grandpa but being seriously injured in the process.
Yeah, right. The ladies are bringing out the nuclear option. :)
So *why* was Keymen run out of town??? Repeatedly, by the sound of it.
January 29th, 2017
Russian for 'pardon'
I'm not sure if this was on purpose, but 'помилование' is a judicial/presidential etc. pardon. If he wanted to say 'pardon me', it should be 'простите'.
Go teacher!
This is what I call a good teacher!
Love the comic
Great to see you back!
I love your comic, & can't believe I've only discovered it now when I no longer live in Australia (a former Mel girl, to be precise).
I'm sure Syd will get a lot more love if you hold a popularity vote now, and possibly Bri as well. Going back in history has given the characters a lot more depth than just the smug are hole and the party girl. If you delve deeper into Syd's traumatic 'childhood' he might even *win* the poll.
Thank you for the Frankenbunny - a worthy adversary for Steve
Please show the rabbit! Can't wait to see it. *L*
What, Pylus didn't even get chewed out for talking about Celsia behind her back? That's just unfair. That faun gets away with too much. :)
An important goldfish
That must have been a very important goldfish, for Steve to turn up for it in person!
Saddest thing ever
This is the saddest thing ever. Andrew, this guy needs a friend - be one!
BTW, does the fact that Nick is 'marked by death' (as evidenced by his ability to see Reapers) mean that Death also stuffed up & killed him out of turn, or just that he will die unnaturally/ before his time?