Ahoy there, Butters here! Thought I should update this a bit, since some of the info is out of date.

I'm just a young woman who likes to draw and read and play video games. Sometimes I knit, but the others take up most of my free time.
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@BonesxPC: I didn't mention it in the comic but I actually had the option at the beginning to dance with boys OR girls.

@Hero of Comedy: I think I had to put my 3DS down for a minute while I made my choice

@Nashew: It's shaped like a pancake

@ShadowMoon:Welcome back!
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: the older woman in the tan sweater *is* panicking, but...
@DracheLehre: It's too bad Elijah didn't go for friendship or something :(
I haven't played Mortal Kombat since the SNES...is friendship even still a thing?
@Magnus Archon: If only Mama hadn't planned a surprise party :(
@Cave: I'm actually really glad to hear that! I was really nervous about the response to this chapter, so reading things like this makes me feel more confident in my writing
This was a really difficult chapter for me to write and draw and I was really nervous about the response. And while this might sound weird, your reactions have been everything I'd hoped for. Thank you! <3
Just one page left in this chapter.

Also there's a new wallpaper available on Patreon for $1! :)
@Magnus Archon: I've known this was coming for even longer and it hurt me too :(
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: he'll get in trouble, but not fired, no
@Aline1: It kind of does, actually! :)
@Guest: me too :'(
Er- Pepper?
You can actually dance with literally anyone, regardless of age or gender. It's pretty neat.
In Trio of Towns you can eat meals with the NPCs. I got into the habit of timing my visit's to Ford with his meal times, so that I could give him a gift AND score a free meal.
@Cave: It's not what she would want
I have to say, I did enjoy drawing the people in the last panel.
@Nashew: I haven't seen that meme in a long time!

@Hero of Comedy: He'll use ANYTHING as an excuse to kidnap Peach

@BorderWolf: if he did, it'd be the only time either brother got paid in money

@LavaBidoof399: Which game was that?

@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: TBH, probably quite a few
@LavaBidoof399: whoawhoaWHOA, 4 ROWS OF SIX CARROTS? that's crazy talk

@Nashew: Funnily enough in some Harvest Moon games, the NPCs DO upgrade their houses

@BorderWolf: lol