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Ahoy there, Butters here! Thought I should update this a bit, since some of the info is out of date.

I'm just a young woman who likes to draw and read and play video games. Sometimes I knit, but the others take up most of my free time.
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I also missed drawing Prissy
I missed drawing Sideburns
The Interlude was supposed to be short, but it kind of got away from me, and ended up being six pages! Since I didn't want a six week break between chapters the Interlude will update 3 times a week for the next two weeks. I hope you enjoy it! :D
Janice in the first panel:

There will be an interlude between chapter 39 and 40, featuring Celeste meeting the zombies. :D
It's sad when terrible people die :(
Janice what are you even doing?
stop being lazy Doug
"Oh no! My irresponsible decisions had real consequences?!" - Janice
Oh no! :O
Get in there!
To bad Jack isn't from some fantasy farming game. Maybe one involving runes or factories?
Interrupting Luigi's story to bring you a Pocket Camp comic while it's at least somewhat timely, even though the wedding gyroid event ended two weeks before the comic is being posted

For what it's worth, I used items from the *other* wedding event to dress Peewee and Lily up as a bride and groom.
@SpecterHSC: Kevin, somehow. I didn't think that through, tbh, but I guess he used his Mom's credit card.
@ashtree-house and @ShinigamiMaxwell:
Angela: I'm a reincarnated demon

Matt: Hi, reincarnated demon, I'm Dad
@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Specter gave an answer below. I think there also might be program you can install and possibly special phones designed for the blind.
@Cave: :)
@Salimus: I appreciate your honesty and you're absolutely right about world-building and sub-plots falling aside. It wasn't intentional, though and I do want to pick those up soon.

I supposed the parents' reaction was anti-climatic and you're right, they should be more upset. The reality of the situation hasn't fully sunk in for them. Their worries and fears will be addressed in the next chapter. And no, they're not going to be 100% on board with Adrian.

There IS going to be a new villain. She'll be showing up soon.

Again, I really appreciate your post. It opened my eyes to a lot of things that I need to work on :)
@BorderWolf: He should be okay
@Sfg: Oh definitely, but it's easy to get the wrong impression, so I wanted to try and make things clearer
@ffx2player: I actually did't notice until you pointed it out ^^;;