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Ahoy there, Butters here! Thought I should update this a bit, since some of the info is out of date.

I'm just a young woman who likes to draw and read and play video games. Sometimes I knit, but the others take up most of my free time.
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I'd like to know, too, tbh
Hey, Goomba is back!
Awhile back someone asked me how Nintendo deciding that Mario wasn't a plumber anymore would affect the comic, but before I could address it, they decided that Mario still is a plumber, so IDK ^^;
My art has changed more than I thought over the years o.o
So uh, yeah, Angela left a few things out but overall, her parents pretty much know the whole deal now.
It all started 12 years ago on my sixteenth birthday...
I was thinking of drawing Celeste meeting the zombies as a sketch comic at the end of the chapter. How does that sound? :)
Celeste has a purple car because of course she does.
Luke, you're not helping
Geez, Luke, way to spill the beans
@Nashew: Or potion

@JovanW: Nope. Many mistakes were made

@Hero of Comedy: someday Link will find out how common glass jars really are and his mind will be blown

@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Chip eats them at the fishing contest, Nat takes them home. He denies that he eats them, but he clearly does
@Capejedi: what is? Nat eating the bugs?

@RazorD9: I know, poor Guzma

@Nashew: if you haven't read the latest comic, this is addressed :)

@Hero of Comedy: Yup, the poor guy

@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: Nope. See the most recent comic

@ShadowMoon: It wasn't eaten, but uh, that is certainly an interesting visual
@Skylar101: is it the same dialogue in Sun/Ultra Sun? I only have Moon/Ultra Moon

@Freezer818: Presumably

@JovanW: um

@RazorD9: Haha, true. It's kinda weird.
@JovanW: True, but it's still weird

@Hero of Comedy: maybe we should all be more like Tex

@Magnus Archon: and the exchange rates are lowsy

@Vapereon is cool: Yay! :D
@JovanW: pretty much :)

@cameron: It's an amenity you can build in Pocket Camp
@RazorD9: Yeah, I don't think Nat really thought this all through

@Hero of Comedy and @ Skylar101: Great minds think alike, it seems! :D
and I don't have any ideas for Gladion as of yet, but I'll try
Uh, the blue one
Either way, it seems weird to me
Plot twist: the kid was youngster Joey all along! You can see him with his Ratatta in earlier comics :)
You Meanie!
Back to the Bug Catching Contest!

And if anyone is wondering what Octavian has been up to since he last appeared:
My original notes had Celeste silently reacting to Luke's ears. She was clearly startled, but didn't say anything. I like this better :>