Ahoy there, Butters here! Thought I should update this a bit, since some of the info is out of date.

I'm just a young woman who likes to draw and read and play video games. Sometimes I knit, but the others take up most of my free time.
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@Hero of Comedy: I guess Hector looks the most like Butthead. If Butthead were a buff middle aged man with a mustache

@Nashew: You'd think so, wouldn't you?

@Gamenwatch: Mario will be back soon. And I'll get back to Luigi eventually.
Look how happy Elijah is!
@Nashew: I've found that Animal Crossing logic and Harvest Moon logic are pretty much the same thing

@sleepy_pirate: It really doesn't get old

@Hero of Comedy: sounds legit
@Cave: faster, faster!
@ffx2player: wait...people don't like Elijah?!
Navi voice: Watch out!

I've added a new wallpaper for $1+ patrons: https://www.patreon.com/butterscotch

There's also a free coloring page :)
weren't you guys already going home though?
Get your act together, Adrian!

Patrons donating at the $5 level can read ahead to page 678 of The Reborn and AND there are five pages of Mario's Day Job. Seriously, I have MD comics queued up until the end of September. It's great because I can focus a little more on getting The Reborn's queue back up. It's been low since May.

Check it out! https://www.patreon.com/butterscotch
@ffx2player: wow, that's weird :/
@Salimus: I guess as a writer, I bungled something.
Phoebe wasn't intended to be a hated jerk and I guess my attempts to portray her as a sympathetic character were too little, too late.

I'll try and learn from this to grow as a writer :)
@Magnus Archon: at least until her next life :)
@ffx2player: sorry :(
I was really into Magikarp Jump for a while. However, I'm slogging now my way through the Luxury League right now and it's become really tedious.
Ford looks weird without his glasses. It doesn't look too weird here, but in-game, he kind of looks like Beavis.


Don't you think so?
hee <3
Don't worry I gave Ford a present later...although it was actually the coffee he'd given me for a different job that had been sitting in my bag for a few days...
@Nashew: Dessie is the younger sister of the Harvest Goddess. Typically in HM/SoS only the player characters (and a few NPCs) can see magical beings

@BorderWolf: Dessie isn't the Harvest Goddess, though?

@LavaBidoof399: haha, what?
I've really missed drawing Adrian
I don't think Angela appeared at all in the last chapter, did she? That's a first, I think.