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Formerly known as Luigi_96. Same person, different name.
You can call me Nash if you want, most people do.

Some random info about me, I'm 22 years old, with aspirations to do something artistic as a career, and I'm also a Christian.

I used to work exclusively in sprite comics, but now I don't do those anymore.

My comics can be read right here on Smack Jeeves, and my art can be seen here as well, although I also post it on my DeviantArt page (linked below).

Project information:

Super Minion Bros.: A project I started a while ago that has recently rebooted about a group of minions, set in the Paper Mario universe.

Nashew's Art Gallery: Where I post my art here on Smack Jeeves. Check it out, it's pretty good.
(Artist, duh)

Re:Kirby: The sequel to an old comic that I ended prematurely on November 20th, 2017. May it rest in peace.

Kirby: The Dee Army: Formerly my main comic project, co-authored by Ultizeta. It ended on February 3rd, 2016.
He scream
If your opponent tells you to stop saying something during a battle, you should absolutely continue saying it, 100% of the time.
Which came first, the chicken or the giant boulder?
This just in: Josie is allergic to plants
Everyone's talking about Chatot but can we talk about Malachi being absolutely precious though?
Hey everyone, no update tomorrow, be back next week!
That shouldn't have worked but I'm thrilled that it did. xD
Yeah Cedar do the thing!
This match will get red hot!
I love Reece so much.
One of these days Cedar's gonna realize that her primary type is water and she'll be real embarrassed about this "calling herself an earthen" thing

of course by then she'll actually be ground type too so who cares
@Mopruk: That he does.
He scream
This can only go well.
Reece is my spirit animal.
Cedar you have a type advantage against literally everyone present right now, I hope you realize this.