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Formerly known as Luigi_96. Same person, different name.
You may call me Nashew, Nash, whatever you like.

Some random info about me, I'm 21 years old, not in college, with aspirations to do something artistic as a career, and I'm also a Christian.

I used to work exclusively in sprite comics, but I've branched off into drawing them myself lately.

My comics can be read right here on Smack Jeeves, and my art can be seen here as well, although I also post it on my Tumblr art blog (linked below).

Project information:

Re:Kirby: My main comic at the moment, updates almost every Friday.

Super Minion Bros.: A project I started a while ago that's currently hanging in reboot limbo. I'd like to say it'll be coming back soon, but I don't know.

Kirby: The Dee Army: Formerly my main comic project, co-authored by Ultizeta. It ended on February 3rd, 2016.

Nashew's Art Gallery: Where I post my art here on Smack Jeeves. Check it out, it's pretty good.
(Artist, duh)

Pokemon: Crisis Wish: An upcoming project from Ultizeta and I. Set to begin...?
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Floatzel! With a pretzel? Okay.
Yes Milo, talk to the ground beneath you. That doesn't make you sound crazy at all.
but is the slender-dee a threat
I mean I know you're trying to make her feel better but they were after her.
Don't worry Kirby, I approve of the pun.
I smell noodles.
I didn't even notice him until the last panel lol
September 22nd, 2017
Well, the poachers are related to this situation, buuuuuut
I'd stay there.
I think the initial apology was just Lopunny being a good leader but the further apology in panel 2 was aimed directly at Mewtwo
Never trust a green mustache
The mental hospital, maybe.
September 20th, 2017
I'm a little surprised Nate was so quick to believe this. I guess he is in a bit of a distrusting state with his father right now, so that probably explains it.
Ikbry might be Chaotic but he's definitely Chaotic Evil
oh hi Yan-Yin