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December 30th, 2015
Not allowed
I know the exact feelings Annie is going through (I'm still going through them right now).
As for your so-called imperfections, never let the audience know. It is something that I learned in theatre, you never let the audience know where the mistake was made - they have no way of knowing how it was 'supposed to' look. Wow, just typing that gave me goosebumps as it seems to have morphed into a TG metaphor for this chapter and me.....
December 29th, 2015
Even when they try their best
I am of the age where the internet was not around/in its infancy when I was growing up. We do need to give our parents a little slack when it comes to things like this that they did not know about and that every source of information available to them said it was a problem.
My parents (now that they know) have been very supportive of whatever makes me happy. When I was younger, my mom did say some things like 'Good thing I have all boys, I don't have to worry about them getting into my things, unless there is something wrong with them.'
There were many points in my life that I failed to get validation or was hit with something that told me it was wrong. I think a lot fo TG people have. It's what gets us messed up in the head. Conflicting messages of 'be true to yourself - as long as it is acceptable'. So, we transgendered learn the worst behavior I think there is, how to lie really well - to ourselves.
Big Firefly fan here so, I have a quote I try to use to help me get that behavior to stop:
"...they will come to the idea that they can make people - better. I do not hold to that, so no more runnin'. I aim to misbehave." -Mal
December 27th, 2015
Off and On topic
As for the Avengers. I did not nerdrage at the always angry Hulk. There were hints of that at the end of "The Incredible Hulk" movie (that he was learning some sort of control). There still are circumstances where he does not have control. Anyway, that always angry thing was something that helped me. I had a counselor tell me that and I was in denial about it at the time. When I saw the Avengers for the first time, there was something else that was going on in Mark Ruffalo's portrayl of Bruce that I could not put my finger on until he said that he was always angry. Then I recognized that in myself.

I have been fighting with myself for a long time. Your comic has helped me tremendously. It helps me by showing that as we go thorough this journey that we will have doubts, be angry, get low, be scared, and still make it through. And we can be all of this even with the best support we can have (and feel like we are letting those who support us down). Thank you for doing this comic. I am at that sifting through life and trying to figure out feelings and just allowing myself to feel the feelings that for so long I felt I shouldn't (so I bottled them up).