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Quote:"Hmm, maybe you should wait a few years before getting them together, after all a twenty year old and a sixteen year old screams two things: Lawsuit and Pedophile. now a twenty year old and a twenty four year old screams: When are you going to get married? "

A 20 year old guy who likes a 16 year old girl is not a pedophile.
If she was 10, I would agree with you, but she's 16.

Great story, Butters.
This is my favorite page. XD
It's not vague at all.
It's kinda abstract... I like it.

Good job. :)
I like Angela's face in the sixth panel.

"Um... no one..."

Good job!
The last panel is funny. =P
Good job.
It's probably a water pokémon.
You know, he kinda likes to play in water. =P
Quote: "Very good but a pokemon can't use his powers inside a pokeball."

They can in this comic. :)
I like Luigi's skeleton.
Very funny. XD
"Squish" XD

It's gray! XD

This comic is awesome.
February 27th, 2006

Red eyes.
He's a demon too!

Now that's cool.

Ha ha, her skirt.
Very short.
I hope it's not windy outside! XD
February 24th, 2006
Maybe blonde is not his real color?

Good job Butters.
January 20th, 2006
Angela has never been kissed!
Poor girl =P

Good job, Butters :)
Cute little monsters
I like the little "babies" :)
Good job!
Good job Butters, I like it! :)
A nice new page :)