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Really i'm a pretty big nerd, though I don't exactly look it. I spend most of my time on the computer to kill time because life is pretty damn boring, though I have taken a liking to webcomics. Mostly because they take up a large amount of time to read, as well as being quiet entrawling.
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I kinda hope joey accideentally kills Kole. Not because I dislike her but because that would make joey snap completely and that is something I want to see!
Wow, he is pretty insane. Doesn't that mean he is "insanely" powerful ;3
Hehe, I like how you explain the power of demons on earth :p
I guess I'll just have to post it once per an update ;D

Also, piggies, Watch this video; I heard it and thought of Joey immediately!
Revive damn you
Haha, thats actually what I was guessing butcher xD
Also, to those who don't remember-
Mortifer RP :3
I found it when I re-read the comic.

You know loverofpiggies, you should start putting that link at the bottom of your chatbox when you update :p
I love the perfect look of terror on joeys face~
Also, I get the feeling there is a reason aside from going into hiding that he switched his name, perhaps something a bit more personal from around the time he lost his eye ;3
Die. Scum.
September 18th, 2007
Dear mothe of god! The items on the floo make me squee almost as much as the damage he did :D
Wow, Oki is a searious mean person D:
i think she folded to the other chick because she got herself described as unworthy xD
uagh! pikmn army of doooom!
dude, that old lady kicks ass
September 18th, 2007
Iiiii! Le sex~!
I remember when i found this a long time ago! i thought it was awsome. But its been so long and you went from 26 pages too past 100! good job!