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A sucker for awesome art, good plots, and developed characters (and occasionally straight up bl forget the rest). Bi, and very emotional. *shrug*
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October 12th, 2019
@Oh Dear: That could be a hopeful thing, I hope to god that's foreshadowing
Tea is the solution to all woes
this photo was peaceful and then it wasn't and then it kept getting less peaceful the more I noticed about it and now I'm frightened
So. I've been away for a while. But I am SO happy I came back to this comic! As I was re-reading, I kept making guesses about the king, and then I got to the parts I hadn't read, and wow, Definitely satisfied so far, and itching for more! I'm excited to learn about his madness and also stoked for this guard captain, who seems like she might be planning to sneak out Ash??? And of course, I got to fall in love with Leo and Ash all over again, that's been the best part.

Edit: Another point is that I'm significantly older now, and the story is still good, it holds up quite well.
He's taking a gander at what's going on, she's saying he doesn't know what's going but maybe he does, I for sure as hell do not know what's going on, but I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out.
I found this story back when it was on a webcomic site that I cannot remember, but definitely started with 'ink', shortly before that site shut down. I was devastated because I loved the take on the story and was absolutely hooked. Finding it again on Smackjeeves was a huge relief for me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. For that I thank you profusely (*cue bowing*). I'm super sad to see this end, in a way, and also incredibly happy to see it completed. Which, congrats, you're amazing for completing something you started when you were a kid!
I would definitely be interested in seeing more of your thought process for this project via video or any other medium, and I will be on the edge of my seat for any future works.
Thank you again! This has been an awesome journey, and I hope there will be future ones, you're super, super amazing.
welp definitely wasn't expecting that. shitshitshit.
The feelings hurt. they hurt quite a bit.
Dude that POV in that last panel is absolutely fantastic, WOW, well done
August 13th, 2019
oh yay we're finally getting answers from him
August 1st, 2019
Mel is absolutely right here. Grey has never once been fully honest about his feelings, and any honesty came only after much prying. The relationship before now was based on an awful lot of trust, and then that trust was brutally violated. Grey simply does not seem to have a lot of conviction. Even now Grey is straight up dodging the question, talking about what he did as if that should be enough proof instead of giving his thoughts, or even offering an explanation. I'm not sure what he's expecting from Mel, but I don't think Mel's going to give him anything, nor do I think he should right now.
Their faces in the last panel make my heart so warm.
I've been hella curious as to how this is gonna develop like I love their chemistry and banter, but things have to go from point A to point B, and now that we're here, I AM HELLA EXCITE, so happy that this is happening. FULL STEAM AHEAD.
plot twist she helps them out
As you said, I figured that this comic was more or less over, but I think putting the final end notice on it was good, gives it the feeling of closing one book so you can start another. I do love the story, and it has always been a fun read, but that said, this only makes me more excited to see what's coming. :D
November 2nd, 2018
September 28th, 2018
this whole pages is so wholesome and adorable
someone beat me to it, but OH WELL
September 7th, 2018