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omg, he look so happy in the last panel, I love see him happy
For some reason I want to know what he had say, for understanding why our little milk cry
Juste love so much is face in the last panel, he really love it.
Kim! Your boy need help, comme now >-<
I love the fact that the first thing she saw was he's injuries and not the fact that they are both naked in the bed x'3
I juste love so much the little "But--" when he stop him x3
@Spoilergirl: Same
@Diabolical Madness: For some reason I feel the same about that
I juste love so much the face Kylee make x3
July 24th, 2017
I feel bad for him <<' I don't want to be at his place for clean that
Mister doesn't look happy >3<
May 23rd, 2017
I like is little smile (if I see correctly) when the other one fall on the floor xD