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I'm Rain and I like to draw queer comics
You guys wanting to see a certain person soon..???
@skyangel: Ahh I'm really flattered to see you comment so many times, I love Simply Sarah!! I've been reading it since...I think I was in high school! Tapastic has been pretty good with us so far but we're still posting it on smackjeeves, it feels funny not to post here since the fans it had on here the first time is the reason we decided to remake it! Though ironically it's nowhere near as popular here as it is in the other places its being posted.

The ads work pretty good, but if you can get tipping (and its not hard, you just have to send an email) that works MUCH better if you have some devoted fans...I'm pretty sure we got the same amount of money in tipping in a few days that we had in ads in two or three months. You might consider putting Simply Sarah up there, but that would sure be a lot of pages!!!
Don't worry, we're still here~ just had to go on break for a bit due to school but its over now!
I keep almost forgetting to upload to smackjeeves jfc
RAINBOW! now has a page on tapastic HERE:

For now I'll continue to update on smackjeeves, but I might decide to eventually fully transfer to tapastic and cease updates here on smackjeeves. I haven't yet decided. So if you're on tapastic, follow it!!
Thank you !!!
Too tired from finals week to draw backgrounds? just fucking cover it up. it doesn't have to make sense. just cover it up
4 whole weeks of consistent uploading, amazing
Pages are a little bit awkwardly big on smackjeeves, they look better on RAINBOW's tumblr ( until I'm not-lazy enough to fix it here lmao.....
Part 2....
Hey so yeah we're still alive
and believe it or not I actually HAVE been working on RAINBOW! I've since been holding off on posting anything as.....I'm in college, and it gets pretty busy, so I'm trying to build up a good amount of already finished pages for when I'm just too busy to work on stuff so we don't have to go on hiatuses or miss updates. Sometimes I post some RAINBOW goodies to my tumblr (gloomy-prince), and RAINBOW now has its own tumblr (rainbow-comic) that has some info and will also have page updates there whenever it starts!

Anyway, I drew this comic for one of my classes. Magical girl Boo!