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Chilean artist by hobby, been drawing since long time. I love drawing to tell stories
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@BachaDark1993: Aquí :)
@daisam25: Glad you like him, he'll have surprises in the future ;)
"Weon" in Chile has many meanings depending in the tone and context used, it can mean "friend", "dude", "idiot", "stupid". Like you can see, in this context, Hikari is really mad at him so she's using "weon" as "idiot".
"Pequeño demonio azul"= Little blue demon
@AkaSaku-chan: Thank you so much! :D
They're so cute together! >w<
Zafiro has some plan huh
Character talking to... a spirit?
And we begin! Remember to read from left to right!
@HecticSketcher: It makes me happy to see people interesed in it, hope you'll enjoy it :D
@HecticSketcher: It makes me happy to see people interesed in it, hope you'll enjoy it :D
Updates will be every Friday! This friday starts chapter 1.
Read from left to right.
The other one I have I decided to just leave it as memories for the old times, also it worked a lot as a base and you can go back to it and compare the differences :D
@Aline1: Thank you, I'll return on June, though probably I might open a new comic so people will have to go there
I'm sorry, I'm also a noob here and I didn't see the thing to make a post, but what's done is done :'v
I wanted to tell you so you'd know and not feel like I abandoned you. I'm glad I'm getting receivment here on smackjeeves :)!
I'll be back soon!
@Aline1: That's true, he won't look like the typical Gandalf, that's something I can ensure, otherwise I'll be like YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
@Aline1: But Elderian already appeared in Hope 01 :0
Hikari is a genius (?)