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SmackJeeves web comics are awesome. :D
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I personally like the name change, 'Gropius'? Lol. Haven't played BW2 yet, anyhow. :')
Aww, these characters are so great!
Hahaha, Pierre's a fun character xD
The hat kinda reminds me of Dr. Who for some reason ;3
Such a good story and lesbian Skyla, cool :')
Good advice from Leif and aw, Mimi and Zach are so cute :)
Cute page and oh my, Nina's father looks like Silver or Maxie, but it's Roark! I remember him from when I played the gen 4 games :D
Oooh, I didn't get to ask a question, but I'm excited to see this Q&A
Aw, Jojo... I wonder what her relatives look like as gijinkas
He kinda resembles Link from Legend of Zelda and it's so cool
So sad... Some of these comments, though xD
Level 9 to 32... Jordan, NOOOO!
Wow, N didn't think about how Plasma reported to his father. And NOOOOO, MIMI!
Joltik is adorable & The Dark Triad is scary. xP