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@Cpt. Johannes Wyss von Krieg: Hephaestia: into experience, the only useful thing Tau technology goes is "boom."
Hephaestia: This is nonsensical. But this IS weird Psyker stuff that's happening here.
"Sorry, kid. You've got the gift, but you're not The One."
Obviously the tech-priests can help.
@Kaiser: ah, the bliss of dreams. But you can't recruit with a poster.
The priesthood has a name for that belly, Commissar. It's called "Weakness of Flesh."

Still, Perray likes you. Take comfort in that.
May I enquire as to where Richard is?
@peachpunk: Andromeda: *pats his cheek* "Don't worry about the moniker. It just means that that certain sexy someone knows that she won't have to compete with other women for your wild oats. <3"
Oh look. Talon has a "Dad-bod."
Holt? they roped Holt into this?

Clever boys.
Oh. My. God. This is fantastic. I love the humor in here!
My lovely motor pool! Please GM, please let us rebuild!
@Battle Bruva Frisky Badger: Mr. Cain.
Said poster belonging to Commissar Talon almost certainly smells like.... victory.
Step into my parlour, stormtrooper. Shall we show you the "cog priest?"
How tight is Perray to you, Commissar Talon?
Scuttlebutt says the private has a pretty mouth.
Oh this will be cool.
@artemi: I'd love a cameo of Inquisitor Amberley Vail.
So... when the enginseers are dismantled, who will perform the required Rites of Maintenance? Perchance some Guard detachment tithed from a Forge World would be crosstrained as certified mechanics?