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this is SO awesome

yes SO awesome, i laughed pretty hard. fav'd

I gave credit in the newspost.

But I kinda mess around with the sprites.. hence the tankhog, which doesn't look to impressive...
Why is everyone speaking hollish?

The next comic shall have text boxes!

edit: wohoo it looks all military now..

i promise the comics will look better by the time, and by that I mean no white whatever around the comic.

Also: The sprites will be bigger
Great comic, love the banner :)
God bless America FTW??
The quest for Mojo shall begin!
The land of the Poopoo-Sauce.

I'm glad you guys are still with me. :)
Well It's not that funny, but it is a lifesign, I hope I haven't lost all of my fans.
Just read through the whole archive... it's just great! :)


BTW: A new banner could help you get more readers, I don't find it very attractive. Probably with some zombies and gore on it :)
Nope, I'm not going to quit this, i said I^m thinking about it...
WTF? I made this comic, not blingmobile, it was a guest comic...
PLZ tell me if you like these blob comics. Because I'm thinking about quitting the god of randomness and start a new webcomic featuring the blobs, these are fun to make :)

I need your advice my dear fans.
I just found these things in a box under my bed. I felt like doing a comic series with these useless blob thingies...

GASP, my spelling is awful...
Nah, It came out worse than I expected. I need to work on the blood effects, they look like crap.