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Aw, that's sweet. ... I would have exploded his head.
Sylvain you are so deep and yet so high. It is a paradox.
PRETTY. This pretty is so pretty.
Good luck honey. We'll be right here.
@YersiniaP: What I'm taking from this comment is: I can make homemade cyanide from appleseeds?!?! *buys all the apples*
Damn. This was shaping up to be such an exciting webcomic... and it hasn't been updated in over three years. What a pity.
This page looks great! Not that they don't all, of course.

Have you read the Hexslinger series at all? I think you'd like it. It, too, combines Aztec history and mythology with dudes getting it on with each other. Also, it's set in the Wild West. It's fantastic, if rather on the gory side, but. Aztecs.
@Ravens: And you get 567987654567887654568 free internets for that icon. Mercutio FTW (I may have that acronym back to front).
Look again. The sky is now mini eggs. I'm on a horse.
Not sure Val is even genuine, or if he's just distracting Kris so he stops worrying about Val... and not sure I should feel sorry for Kris even if he is being used by someone he loves, depending on how deep he is in this nasty business with Aldi's Dad.
He chases birds? So he's bi then?
Good boy, Norbert. Good boy.
Eeeeee Greyscale! So glad it's not dead!
OK, that is cool.
@Reggie: Also! He didn't stop himself, she pulled away.
@Reggie: I think he's evil because he's not a main character and he's late. Thingy got there first.
So is whatshisname a Gray too?

Wait, why does Arin look surprised about the blood?
@undeadoranges: The question of whether or not actual animals exist in the Pokemon universe is an interesting one, sadly under-explored. How can you have mouse pokemon without mice, snake pokemon without snakes, etc?

I believe I recall there being non-pokemon fish in the anime at least once, but mostly it seems to be just pokemon, and that makes no sense.
@CactusJuicy: Check the mouseover text. (move your pointer over the comic, words pop up)
@Spectre64: Yes! How can you have a strip on Pewter City Gym without mentioning that line?