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You are actually improving, my child!
Keep on the good work!
That is the building that Willy and Light work in, if you didn't noticed it.
That is awesome!
And I see you are looking for co-authors :3
@WolfryHedgies: Oh, you are right, sorry for the mistake!
By Reploid I mean robots who can think and act, such as Proto Man and Mega Man, I've never really saw the difference between a Reploid and a Robot Master, but you are still right.
I am sorry for the mistake, but we'll keep with it because more comics in the future refer to Proto Man using this term :3
By the way, thanks for being such a cool fan of my comic! :D
I always thought that "Proto Man" was just a cool name without meaning before searching it up.
Sweet :3

CSI, for you who don't get the reference .-.
Poor Iceman, but this was good internet humor, you deserve one more fan ;)
I see you are from the MLG, my child.
You deserve one more fan ;)
Yay! Sun no-scoping in the best style!
Be safe around ketchup
I want a spin-off with the sun hunting down the zombies.
Author Comment
It'll get better, I promise