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I am obsessed with anime, manga, japan, and other such things! I really like webcomics and am planning to make my own! I do wish that webcomics were updated more though!
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not twins
the author said they didnt think of twins so most likely they are not...also the people talking in the back about a "marraige of conveince" TO me sounds like they are talking about Kuro so I am guessing since their regular customers that they know about him sooo...not twins but a marraige of conveince were they share avatars?
Reini: Im an artist and im not miserable cause im an artist...its more all the jack**s who tell me im horrible when they cant even draw a stick figure....

also on the hitler thing i actually heard that yeah he wanted to be an artist but got told he couldnt be one cause he was only good at landscapes and couldnt do other artistic he just had bad things building up in his apparently his hate for Jews came from his mother getting rapped by one and his grandfathers pure hatred for that happening to his daughter....why am i doing this?

DT! you should so totally pull a turning into a human move in Atticus's dream...kind of like in seme pikachu...but youd turn into a cute girl cause ur a girl!
people most defiantly still use emo. All through high school i got called it because i liked goth clothes...

but doesn't it make you wonder...was this just his breaking point or did George hit a nerve dealing with people calling him emo in the past...
what has been said about the word fujoshi is true but there is more to it. Fujoshi actually means "rotten girl". So yeah they are know for liking yaoi and BL but also known for seeing almost anything and curropting it..hense rotten. An example would be pairings between sanji and zoro from one piece, for some weird reason a lot of the yaoi fans seem to see those to in a gay relationship, probably cause of the old married couple thing, but in actuallity they are not in such a relationship. So their relationship becomes corrupted by the "rotten girls" mind and they end up as gay. I actually am reading a manga that goes into back details about fujoshis, all aspects of their lives and so on, so i did side research to go with what they explained in the the way love this comic!
or they...
or they could just go pay the guy to defrost them...thats probably why they are there...
two people obviously
earlier when they asked him to join he said he had to talk to someone else about obviously there is more likely 2 people playing him.
Mix it up
so earlier people were saying that the bug catcher looked like luffy i think he looks like a mix between luffy and usopp with usopps personality
look at that
so while all this is going on the two in the bushes watch it. their like betting on her stalking him and then they follow them both and then some random person points and states "hey their from the wanted poster." atticus and girl look back as they get chased off. Atticus sees girl..."have you been falling me?" end woot hehehe
first to post i think...but anyway mwahahahahahahahahaha...ha.ha? I still hoping for val to like jacob!!!!
I loved it one and two what was with him asking suggestion with a question mark I'm dense so I probably missed it can u inlitten me and on another note..
spoiler...spoiler..spoiler...smut........(fall on floor laughing) I loved how the others were just standing there nonchalantly eating there food and looking completely obvious to what atty was doing! well done!
is jacob like going to fall in love with val and val stop obsessing over his master and fall in love with jacob but jacob ends up staying with val then abel and the demon boy end up together and then new characters enter!

Also i love this comic jacob is so cute and awesome i also like the dolls and its just the awesomest!
Wait a min....
Did you just say that daniel's brother was your pet...and you lost him?????
yeah some one else
I do the same thing. i'll be reading a book or something on the internet. then ill see something fun and start laughing really loud. my step mom says to come back to this world.
anyone noticing that jakk really hasnt done anything but stand there looking pretty or being the damper of rhys fun
i really want to know
sorry about that! Any way I love your story but I was wondering if the guy who got squirtle is going to chase after atticus and either force him to be friends or gay which ever just wondering. Also is there oing to be a talkin pickatchu (Spelled wrong ugh!) cause that would be asewome especially if sarcastic!