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I love reading!!!! And I mean love! I also like Pokemon, though the tv show is getting repetitive. I practice drawing eeveelutions a lot. THE END HASTA LA VISTA
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Happy holidays and have a happy and safe new year Tina!!!
@greninja: nope. I give up. There is no hope. Whatever. (I take that you are now confused yes?)
November 25th, 2016
@Pinkeevee222: will one of them be that Vaporeon you got from the giveaway?
@Eeveelution: we would have argued if I had retaliated
@Eeveelution: arguing
@Pinkeevee222: also, congratulations on 646 and counting fans!
@Eeveelution: I give up
@Eeveelution: Espeon's secret already came out...
In a comment section instead of as a comic. You should check your facts before you go shouting at the author.
@greninja: wut, I thought you said that you defend him from bullies. Isn't that weird???? Haha haha.... ha.
@greninja: hello again shiny glaceon. How are you doing!!! You can this to your bullied friend.
@Shinyglaceon123: umm... no offense but it kind of sounds like you're just making this up now
Blizz please.
Isn't Dusk a higher level than Blizz?
After lots of deductive reasoning, (and a hint from pinkeevee) I have concluded that pinkeevee is going to evolve her into... You can go figure it out yourselves. Pinkeevee did publicity post a hint that narrows it down to two eeveelutions and Eve staying a Eevee.
Yay!!! New comic!!!
@Guest: if you read her pinkeevee's sketchbook ask blog on tumblr, you'll know why he is dumb.
@Raini01: okay, sorry I didn't delete my comment yet. Little busy. I'll delete it now though!
@Hsowa: he stole it from Flame.
@LittleMoons: did it feel like I was yelling? I didn't think I was too harsh. Cause if it was, sorry about that.
@Erin: Plz don't leave comments like this in the comic section. It is annoying and rude.
First of all, you have to have an account to send in a background Eevee.(Assuming that's what you're going for) If you were going for a main character... That's just REALLY rude, as pretty much only the author can put in main characters. Now if the author actually ASKED his or her commenters what else they should put in the comic, that would be a different story.
Second of all, Pinkeevee already stated that she won't accept shinies as background Eevee's.
Last of all, this is just plain rude. Don't just put a comment in a comment section just to try to convince the author of a comic to place your character into the comic. There are people who actually sent in a background Eevee and are waiting for it to be shown. Please show some respect to the author of this comic. Thank you for reading this. (P.s. sorry Pinkeevee if you don't mind that comment.)