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Profile picture is from a wonderful comic called ARCO! Please go check it out along with another story by the same author called The Maple Effect.
I love seeing this comic update, I looooove the plot and the artwork is really awesome!
I have thought about the amount of queer characters and how realistic it may be, but honestly it really doesn't matter at all. Like this is clearly a work of fiction and each queer character adds to the story. It's important to write all kinds of characters in hope that someone will relate to them and feel validated. There are so many straight characters in medias who have romances of all types, but not many queer people portrayed in media. Even now, while there are significantly more gay male characters, there really aren't any solid lesbian characters that have a fulfilling romantic arc, and even less bi characters! It is awesome to read a cute story with great drama where two girls have a healthy relationship and I get to learn about other different identities. While I only really identify as queer and cisfemale, I love following the different character arcs. Thanks for writing a great story:)
December 13th, 2017
I'm so sorry to hear, please take some time to recover. I hope you can find some comfort in the knowledge that wherever they are, they are at peace.
You have made so many people's day brighter with this wonderful comic and I appreciate all your hard work.
Thank you for the heads up about the hiatus again, there are many other wonderful comics to fill the time before we get back to this wonderful one so take as much time as you need. I am just happy that has continued on so long :)
1. MN
2. Spock/Kirk
3. I'm not super familiar with movie stars sorry!
Bulbasaur is my absolute favorite! I love how you draw it- SOOOO cute <3
Another update!!! This is the best!! As much as I love more updates don't strain yourself and kill your buffer too much. The real fans care about your health more :)
Omg this is so exciting! Love the new characters:)
Awww poor Oscar :'( He definitely could benefit from some life guarding classes
Arco wants to snuggle with his little Crouton :3 <3
Poor Russel :( Btw I love the way you draw the night sky- it is so gorgeous!
Arco how forward of you pinning Brynn against the wall :3 He basically towers over smol crouton
@Lunneus: I think that it was Wheaten grabbing his own towel
Poor Arco all he can notice is how he hurt his little crouton :( (btw I can't help but notice that you always spell want as wan't and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have an apostrophe but someone can correct me if I'm wrong!)
I think that training in a swimming pool could do Brynn some good instead of going back to the ocean right away. I understand why Arco is freaking out though. He saw his love almost die on him after all.
I'm not sure about you guys but my friends and I never caress each other's cheeks! Smol crouton has smol hand
I can't stand seeing Arco cry like this :(
It's so hard to see Arco cry oh noo
@Me: Wait how did I not realize this either?! Omg I feel so dumb XD
I'm not very sure about safety procedures, but hopefully Russel knows how to keep himself safe! Please save the crouton but also stay safe yourself :(