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OOOoooo, Dail what are you up to boy? Nothing good I suspect.

Then again, a strange lone-standing structure with a singular glowing point is highly suspect too.

It's nice to see Madras again, even if it is just briefly.
@Guest: That's a really good observation, it would make sense given the giant flaming ball of tree drawing near to that place too. XD
Oof, straight to the point huh Hero? There are a lot of important things yet to be made clear though, so it's good that she asks.
Am I the only one concerned about that very last panel, how it looks like a grinn? And the space around it is dripping?

I'm sure it will be fine, for now. XD
@Guest: Passive agressive tinker is passive agressive. Never take for granted the assets availabla without apprecieation. XD
I see Assok may have been a fan of anime or 1980's action cartoons. ; )
That last panel, Cell's face just says it all that there is nothing that can be done (or at least, if there is, it won'the be in a way they like). I get the feeling that there's an explanation coming along to shed light on what Assok is, and what dangers that presents for Hero in the future.
"What's up?"

Giraffe is up.

Also, Assok tantrum is too cute for words. Someone get Assok a tiny baby harness they can ride around in safely.
Hmm, now I'm REALLY interested in knowing what lies ahead of them, and what thone shoes will DO to our fine monster friend.
Now who's the one throwing the tantrum?
I am expecting some horseplay this next chapter? *rimshot*
I'll see myself out. ._.
Hmm, why would it be an issue of the sand and passing unharmed having to do with wood? Maybe there is a deeper reason for the clogs, as we know there's been a lot of talk of trees in this comic, from trees dreaming and having power to hold up the sea, to being parts of the world's light. I doubt it has to do with Cell's fashion sense and more to do with the little we have had established within the story.

Also, someone get RGB a four leaf clover to go with that rabbit's foot of his and the horseshoe and he'll be all set. Actually... better throw in a lucky penny just to be safe.
They know! Even Cell and Tailor are becoming the comment section in terms of observing the awkward dynamic between Hero and RGB. XD

Tailor looks a little conflicted though. And Hero is NOT letting go of her rain boots for a SECOND for those wooden shoes.
These two are really trying to get along and be nice to eachother now and it's so sweet. I still have this creeping feeling that we're on the precipice of something big though, and this is just that feel-good point in between.
There, now everyone can be happy. The fashion taboo has been fixed and RGB doesn'the have to look even smaller and sillier than he actually is. Good work, Hero! XD
Hahaha, aww. RGB is so indignant about his state of affairs. Mistreating your clothes is a sin to those in Miss Cell's shop, but can it really be helped if that's all you've got? Still, the clothing based banter and puns is fun, even if some of them go over my head. XD
Haha! Awww, Hero picked up the little chant for when they pick up a new feature and add it to themselves. She's catching on. :)

Meanwhile Assok is trying to flee for their life, and RGB's clothes-related suffering finally ended. Now we shall see where their journey takes them....
@sophiebagels: That's what it sounds like is being implied. Which only makes hero's outburst more adorable.
Hero has found her armor herself. Seems like what fits best is what she chooses for herself.

Also, that looks incredibly painful to have your clothes ironed while they are still being worn! Guess the point of 'take care of your things' needs to be driven home strongly.

Final note, thank you Mod for coming through and posting a new update today! I know it must've been tough since you hurt your arms, so take a well deserved break! : )
@Artic: lol, this comment. XD
Hahahah, oh man, I was expecting something like this in regards to what the armor actually was going to be, but I did NOT expect Hero's reaction to it. Poor girl is going to have to learn that most heros are not the sort from epic tales of Knights and castles. They come in all shapes and forms, and some are never even known or acknowledged for their deeds.

Really though, Cell is right. I didn't really stop and consider what sort of things that would be considered 'armor' in that world would be. But, when you stop to think about it, how does one find a way to fight creatures that embody raw emotion or concepts? Not even the most powerful suit of plate mail in the world can save someone from incorporeal things like emotions or thoughts, even if they are technically tangible in this world, their effects are the same.

Still, Hero needs a sit down and a talk, in a more 'kindly', less blunt manner. Perhaps a cup of coco too. Coco is probably way better than a sword. XD