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I want to have a career as a graphic novelist...or a manga-ka! Ho hum, I like apples and I want everyone to know my GN book, which I don't know when it will debut considering that I want to get better at drawing before I place it up for all to see and I'm telling you that it is gonna be the best manga/GN you'll ever read believe it*shotshot* I love the manga Naruto and the tv show to death...I like zombiesXD
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hell yeah mang sign me up;D
ahhahahaha, I love your humor in this, nice page like the perspective
typical, an attic door, hahaha love her!! good page!!!
Wonder why they want her???
March 31st, 2008
love the coloring your pro and tekkonkinkreet is the best, I own that movie and watch it while I can, whoa didn't know this was gonna be the final volume...hmmm well can't wait to see the ending
March 17th, 2008
Hahaha, take that BITCH, AND THAT!
shit dude run, run as fast as you can there be zombies coming for you haha I love zombies
I love this story the story boarding is perfect and your great at drawing backgrounds, its all very unique five stars
February 24th, 2008
whoa, the page is so kickass have I told you how much I love your style??
February 13th, 2008
I just love your coloring in this, its very good I love it, haha oh no something bad a coming!!
i would so go to the forum if you had one hahaha, yay update!^^